Master Trey here. Let the gratuitous photo posting begin. Keep in mind these were taken during my first day ever with a camera that doesn't come enclosed in a cardboard sheath that contains the instruction manual. All but the first one was taken from a moving vehicle. Viewer discretion advised...

fast shutter speed, indoors, at night

taken from highway at twilight, downtown new orleans

this makes me horny...

target: mandeville water supply
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Whoa. I totally almost killed myself trying drive home half-asleep. No more huffing Nyquil for me.

Anyway, thank you all who sent email and dancing iguana animations. I had a great birthday, but actually failed to consumate my new legal priveleges. Drinking is sooo sophmore year of high school. But I think I will switch from rum to whiskey.

Sooo...I'm sure you can tell I am little delerious. I will spare the rest but warn you: I bought my digital camera today! Be prepared for gratuitious photo posting.. Goodnite, and thank you, all of you, for writing.

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This is my friend Jarrett from Chicago. He used to go to Tulane. Every 20 mins he puts on his V-neck sweater, sits down at his computer, turns his head to the left slightly, and smiles.

For us he does these things.

In unrelated news, I am going to buy a digital camera. I have never owned a camera, so I am going to see if I like photography by spending a large sum as a Christmas present to myself. I will soon be able to take pictures of the interesting things that surround me. Like...

The guy in my class that wears a different crazy shirt every day...The guy in the same class that looks like the guy from Blues Traveler and wears hats...Melissa...Hardcore bands that no one likes except me and one other dude...My friend Luke.

I am looking at these models (one...two...three). I would ask you (my faithful readers) for advice, but no one ever sends me email even if it is my birthday on Tuesday. 21!
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Some people think that I look "hot" or "sexy" in sweaters. They are so right.

Some of those very same people think that I do not own enough sweaters. They are so wrong.

I'm going to go organize my sweaters by color...and then by thickness, within the color sub-categories.
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Lots of random stuff here. I just felt like staying in tonight and hanging out with my guitar and my bird. Was going to watch Cecil B. Demented, but I have to wait for Melissa to watch it with me. She and her friend Meredith are going to the casino, which I decided to pass on. I figure that the time to pay tuition is coming so all I need to be blowing money on is Christmas presents. While on the topic of Melissa, I suppose it is time to announce her presence in the online world. I guess she saw the current trend of web journals maintained by our mutual friends (Kaytie, James), and felt left out. So here is Melissa! It looks a lot like my site, because it is my site. I will make a design just for her...tonight perhaps. She wrote some bullshit about me on there, so don't read it. I love her dearly, but she does not love me nearly as much with her bitter heart of pure ice.

I managed to piss off everyone in my rather large family about 5 minutes ago. I have put up with a noticeable tendency towards racist/homophobic remarks on both sides of my family for many years and I felt the urgent need to call out this glaring flaw. Perhaps it is not my place, since they are my relatives and they were raised in times where that kind of behavior was permissible. However, it is unacceptable now, and since I am long past the stage of caring what people think of me, it felt really good to make them all look foolish.

I went to see Poe last night at the House of Blues. I must admit, I had the best fucking time at this show. I thought Poe was like 35 years old, like Celine Dion or some shit. You may remember her radio hits of the early 90's, Angry Johnny, Hello, Hello, and others. Apparently Poe is a hyper-energetic Polish chick who rocks ass. She was all over the place, and she was stage diving, pulling the crowd onto the stage to dance/sing, then jumping off the stage and dancing with the crowd and like going to the fucking bathroom and making the people in there sing the song. She put me in a headlock and made me sing "badababa." It was pretty insane. I definitely think it was an "on night" for her or she was on a large dose of amphetamines. It was just so fun. La.

I have almost completed my first "shopping cart" written in Active Server Pages, using an Access 2000 database. I have been really busy with that the last couple weeks. I started listening to a Murder City Devils CD I bought a year ago, but never opened for some reason. In case you didn't know, they kickass too. So I bought another album of theirs last night, Empty Bottles, Broken Hearts. Also bomb material. This stuff is like one-half punk, and three-fourths rocknroll, so you get your money's worth. Oh, yeah...they broke up last month.

Now I will write an email to Farida, who I have e-neglected for too long. I would post a link to her awesome online journal, but it is very exclusive. Sucks for you!
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I am (not?) a big fan of the MTV show Dismissed. It makes me uncomfortable to watch it, yet it is totally engaging. I fantasize about being on the show so that I could spread my goodness on national television. However, instead of falling into the trend of seeing who can make out first or drape themselves on the girl, I would just act like a smartass and mock the whole ridiculous process. Someone beat me to it though. This kid went out of his way to fuck up the "dismissal" system as much as possible and made the other candidate look like a fool. The last part of the date was at the other dude's rich-ass overpriveledged house in Beverly Hills, and the kid trashed the fuck out of the patio and threw all $500 of catered food into the gaping pool. Did I mention he walked around naked most of the time? I was hoping the girl in question (who look like almost every 18-25 year old you might see in California) would see how brilliant and hilarious this guy was, but she chose the loser. Damn...
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I might as well mention my recommended download of the day/week/month. If you have already picked up Tori Amos' latest effort, the song Rattlesnakes may stick out as kicking some Tori Amos lovin' butt. If not, fire up AudioGalaxy or your preferred method of getting free computer music and start downloading. You are using Audiogalaxy to pilfer MP3s, right?
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I paid a visit to the fine Ochsner ER last night after a show at the Shim Sham that I didn't enjoy too much because of my suspicious flu-like symptoms. I was entertaining thoughts of death as I rode in an ambulance after my fever shot up about 6 degrees. I was able to skip the lumbar puncture (read: spinal tap). Needless to say, I will be investing in a meningitis vaccination as soon as possible.

I really wish it would rain.
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Allen is wondering why he got so many hits yesterday. Email him. Tell him buddyhead sent you.

So I have been "finishing up" this site for a while. Check out my favorite piece of the day.
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Whew...I spent a good bit of the night obliterating two of my computers. It's all working now. If you have not received a response to an email sent to me within the last month, expect one today! I have been listening to drukqs on repeat for most of the night. I preordered the fucker and they sent me two copies a full two days before it was released in the US. That's right...two. And a T-shirt that I refuse to wear. Anyway, since I have been fond of Aphex Twin since Bartley Harrison lent me I care because you do... a few years back I can give this a recommendation. If anyone wants a free copy, lemm know.

I was really happy to find this website in my referrer logs. From reading only a few of his entries I discovered not only do we live in the same city, but we went to the same high school, attend(ed) the same university, and seem to be in alot of the same places at the same times. He also has a few more New Orleans weblog links that I have yet to check out.
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Well crap. Sometimes you just wake up in the morning and Photoshop crashes the day a big project is due. You might think that being a computer nerd, I would be able to diagnose the problem, but after reinstalling, disabling, reconfiguring, and twiddling everything I could, I give up. Here comes the brute force attack...
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