<%Option Explicit%> dephex.org -- Audubon Zoo - February 17th, 2002


I bought a digital camera in November 2001, and I have been wanting to try it out on some wildlife shots since I starting using it. While it isn't exactly the wild, the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans has a faily nice selection of caged animals. The first picture was altered a little for dramatic effect; however, the remainder of the photos are untouched, save some cropping. Just click the spinning arrow to the upper right to display the thumbnails. Click a thumbnail to load the image...they are large images, so be patient.

This page also serves as my first attempt to build a true CSS layout, completely separating the content of the page from the design. Therefore, the page might not look as it should if you are using an older browser. The page itself is going to gain more functionality soon, but the content will remain the same, only the style sheet will change. Powerful stuff.

Any comments are welcome, don't steal anything without asking first.

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