I think the thing that I miss the most about not working at Borders any more is my supportive gay friends. This reminded me of Geoff...
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Speaking of unexceptional, Chris has a new poem up. Check it out, spliff. This is my favorite of his...

Mappi Hardy Gras! (I actually typed that without thinking)
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Ok, so nothing I do is really that special or great.

"I have never been exceptional."
~John Doe

You'd be amazed at how unexceptional I can be; right now I am digging the lint out of my keyboard.
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Brain dump:

I had a gigantic Doberman for three days. Its gone now. The first thing that I am going to do when I get a place of my own is buy a pure bred Doberman. What a cool fucking animal...

Guide to reading Sonia's short stories: Don't pay attention to the gratuitous use of 'd in every freaking sentence. There is a reason the the pluperfect tense is reserved for crime movies and pulp fiction.

I have never seen the movie Pulp Fiction. Or Silence of the Lambs, or the Shining, or Blade Runner, or that movie that "changed your life." I am uncool, and I have accepted that.

I gave myself a few hours and learned the entire OK Computer album by Radiohead (and a few off The Bends) for guitar. Yes, Radiohead is overrated, but they do write decent melodies. And I got lots of practice with F, F#, Bm, and more despicable chords that contort my pre-arthritic hands.

Don't IM me and just say "hey" just because you are bored. I hate that. It's OK if you are on the street, but it makes no sense in the digital realm.

I was stood up this morning. Never trust your ex-girlfriend. Ever.

I am working on possibly the best website I am have ever made. It looks and feels beautiful and I am excited just looking at what I have done. Of course, most of the credit should go to the architect (whose site I am making), but I can't help but feel inspired.

Can man survive on junk-food alone? We'll see...
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I actually put one of Sonia's short stories up after a good month of delays. You can find it here. She has sent me a whole bunch of "good stuff" (crap) that will go up soon. Just kidding.

In other news...I (we, my family) just got a dog. It's so cute. We called him Bob. More on this later, including pictures...
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Dack has a good article about the whole Demise of Napster issue. So if you are a hardcore Napster junkie, an obsessive jam band bootleg collector, a converted audiophile, or just someone who has taken advantage of musicians and their recorded works on a daily basis, this is a good read.
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I was walking back from a class, on my way to skipping my next class when I heard this homeless guy saying "Godless! Godless!" It took me a few steps before I realized that he was probably saying "Godbless!"

Then there is this other guy that has sprouted up on the corner of Freret and McAlister that has these little chimes or cymbals and clangs them together in this Middle Easternish rhythm. I think he is a prophet, albeit a reluctant one. And although nobody realizes it (except me) all the people walking past fall into the same cadence.
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Anyone wanna go to A Perfect Circle with me? They moved the show to the UNO Arena, so more tickets are on sale...
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Dick Cotter, my uncle, died in his house last night, from a fire on his farm in Austin, Minnesota. He had five children of his own and adopted five more from 3rd world countries.
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Happy Valentine's Day!

Or if you are like me, and are single, you are doing something other than getting ready for a night of rrrrromance. Song to download: Local H - Lovey-Dovey.

On the other hand, if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/pet that you are close to...go fuck yourself. Valentine's Day is a corporate holiday anyways. Am I seethingly jealous? Yes. Song to download: Al Green - Love & Happiness. Deep down I am happy for all you lovers out there, but I'd never admit it. Go make babies.
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You learn a lot about what kind of person you are when you wake up at 5:30 am to start studying for a test at 9:30. Or at least you learn alot of Discrete Math. It seems last night when I was supposed to study (around 9 - 12 or so), the internet was working fine and she and I procrastinated for a good long while. However, when I got the motivation to get some damn work done, she passed out and I couldn't get the material for the exam. She is still a little hungover, but fine.

(N2S: Stop referring to the internet as "she.")
(N2S 2: Stop referring to "Notes to self" as N2S.)

Whee...and that early morning delerium sets in. I hear they call it "the Greys." You know, that icky color the sky turns when you are coming out of a long night, whether drunk or in finals or whatever? That's the point where you have to face the sunshine; accept the reality of the world. When "normal" people are about to start living their normal lives, where they get sleep and eat well. More about my eating and sleeping habits later. Good morning.
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Wanna waste some time while making music at the same time? This is a very engrossing and innovative (at least I think) use of Flash. Got this shit from Linkdup.
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Do you ever feel like you never want to get close to anyone, ever again? neither...

Fucking trippy story, great illustration.
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You can be a part of a devious experiment! Who wants to go sailing? I'm going next Sunday and/or Sunday, and I thought I could test this out at the same time that I "ask" people.
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Notice the drummer from Skinkrawl in the picture below. Notice the cymbal and the hardware that he is about to hurl in the direction of the shooter. Now you know why I sometimes leave my video camera at home. Great show last night. Hardcore.

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I am posting this with a system that seems to be in the midst of its death rattle. Pyra Labs has been reduced to one employee, the CEO. This company has been the ideal place that I would like to work since over a year ago. The founders are the people that helped me fall in love with what I do. Their drive and product epitomized everything that I thought was right with the web, as opposed to the get-rich-quick mentality of the dot-commers. They are people that I read about almost every day, and I feel like a group of my friends is moving away. I feel like I am jumping into the quicksand myself, most of the San Francisco web people that I know have been laid off. Well, I am moving there after school ends and I want to get a job in...that's right, a dot-com.

Poo hole.
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