I've probably redesigned this site ten times since this current design went up, back in freaking 2002.

Here is a quick retrospective of some of the finished and unfinished projects that never made it to the public side:

Relapse (2001) - Requires audio. I was listening to Zao and I thought the end of this one song was just perfect for the really dramatic splash screen that I was envisioning. Looking back on it now, I am really proud of how well I merged the audio with the "interface," despite my middling Flash skills.

Urbanism (2000) - Just a design that was around for a while that I really liked. It was inspired by a little flash ditty that I made...

Cube Factory - I was really into pixel design at the time, especially the isometric stuff. I envisioned this as being a merging of clean lines and organic movement, made possible with tasteful Flash. Obviously that never happened, but this slice of shit did.

Dead Flag Blues (2000) - I'm not entirely sure, but I think I was depressed. I was really proud of this design. It had many "easter eggs" hidden around in there, but all have been removed or don't work anymore. I really tried to get a little mosquito to fly around all the little panels as animated GIFs, finally landing on the man's shoulder, but it was working really erratically, so I took it out.

Atlas Foundry (2000) - I made this as a splashy page before I left for San Francisco. I think it may have had something to do with me falling in love with someone and her being wholly uninterested. The interface was intentionally useless, but I was really enjoying that feeling at the time.

Bleep (2000) - I don't know WTF this was. I remember I had this stubborn intention to make that little stick figure guy a signature element to all of my designs, but I think even at the time I realized how lame it was. Oh well. Oh fucking well. That spinning "X" was pretty cool.

I'm gonna finish this later...
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all eyes on you was pretty much my favorite thing ever. shrieks like a goat in hellfire. I'll break your damn horn.

love you trey, I'll call you when I come to nola. (Not soon but one never knows ...) lemme know if you're in atl. -abby-
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