Twelve Frosted Strawberry Pop-Tart packages purchased from vending maching in office at $.70 ea. = $8.40

Two Family Sized Boxes of Pop Tarts purchased from Sav-A-Center down the street from my office in my choice of assorted flavors at $1.99 ea. = $3.98 + tax

I win again. Trey - 1, Corporate Oppression - 0

That, my friends, is how you stick it to the man!
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Is it just me or does anyone else feel like eating Doritos and playing Magic: The Gathering?
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I've got a fever. I tried cowbell, but it's not working.

The roommate situation is coming to an end. The straw that broke the camel's back came this morning. I stumbled out of my bedroom suite in the nude to perform my morning ritual, in which I commune with my cat and lovebird, feed them, and take a shower. It is a beautiful thing, really; I cradle my kitten like an infant, she gazes into my eyes and purrs, and Tyler sits on my shoulder, lording over the scene with regal composure. All of a sudden, Dad nonchalantly walks in and starts rambling about the home renovation. I am disturbed, mostly because I don't like to be naked around my Pop, but also because he is like a stone thrown into my placid lake of interspecies harmony. Tyler, being the troublemaker that he is, takes off and lands on my father's balding head with a squawk. Tyler knows that my father hates him, so he does this out of spite and amusement. This transforms my father into a cowering ninny, and he doubles over and bellows, thus scaring the Tonkinese who was only moments before purring rhythmically in my arms. She starts struggling and clawing for freedom and manages to give me a solid kick in my naughty bits on her way down. [That seems to be happening a lot lately. -Ed.] Needless to say, it was quite a scene.

Things calmed down, and I calmly told my father that I was going to be leaving him on or before the end of the month. He put up his hands and apologized, "Trey, I'm doing the best I can." I put my hand on his shoulder and said, "Dad, I know you are. Times are tough, but if we can get through this, we can get through anything."

It was a good moment for us. I would have hugged him, but then I realized I was still naked, and it would have been awkward.
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Capt. Gaylord Tells It Like It Is (Season Finale)

Things have been crazy in this world lately. Times are tough, now: the interest is up, the stock market's down, gas prices fluctuating wildly. You don't even feel safe walking around at night for fear that some crazy hood's going to try to steal your shoes, stab you with cuticle scissors, dowse you with a special blend of lipstick and hair conditioner, and inevitably make you explode. What a way to go.

It's not just the street toughs that you have to watch, 'cuz sometimes even your own Mum and Dad are trying to take you down. You don't have to be Copernicus to see the stars in their eyes and know that something is rotten in the state of Denmark. They see a young, attractive, successful man and know that they can coast through retirement on his wise and diversified investment strategy.

Even your friends, best friends, and BFFs are on the watch list. Not so much trying to take you out, but trying to bring you down. As you may know, I have a penchant for dressing outlandishly at the drop of at hat. Sometimes this may lead to confusion among those less creative, dynamic, and liberated as I but if I want to dress in all white after Labor Day, wear a tube top and cut-off jean shorts, or even just a pink t-shirt that says "Heart Smart" (and nothing else), I should be comfortable doing that around people I trust, right? Invariably, someone will say "Why are you wearing that stupid outfit?" Well, I just say what I always say, "Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?" That always shuts them up.

Signing off,

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The ladies of New Orleans can't resist Trey Manthey, that much is for sure. It seems like every other day I open my inbox to find of flood of admirers begging me to go look at the "missed connections." I never do; I wouldn't want to lose the good-natured humilty that people find so endearing in the first place.

However, natural curiousity can be difficult to resist, so just this morning I indulged in taking a peek at the Connections Missed. What do I see?

Tall Asian Guy at Rue - w4m - 24
Reply to:
Date: 2006-09-07, 6:23PM CDT

Ok. You came in wearing light tan cargo shorts, White tanktop and your arm was bandaged. You were looking so good!!!! You glanced my way and I averted my eyes so you wouldnt see me staring at you. Next time your drink is on me.

this is in or around Magazine
no -- it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

This is obviously me! First, I am tall. That is no secret. That was my first clue to piecing this mystery together. Second, although I am not Asian, I have been told that I look Asian, act Asian, and have the aura of an Asian person. Third, I am a guy. Dude. MAN. How many tall, Asian-looking dudes have been in the Rue lately?

This is where I started to get a little excited. I kept reading to find some slight inaccuracies. Por exemplo, I don't own cargo shorts, but when you (yeah, you) are staring at a guy's package, can you really be expected to remember if he is wearing olive green chinos or tan cargo shorts? Forgive and forget. Next, although I was wearing a tank top, it was not white, and it was under my shirt. Here I just assume that you saw the outline of the tank top under my shirt and thought it was white. Again, perhaps you were staring a little too much, but know that it was black, not white. Finally, my arm was not bandaged. I'm going to have to say that you just pulled that out of your ass, Miss Connection.

I'm going to wrap this up by saying that there is no reason to feel ashamed and avert your eyes. As I weave between the tables like a prowling shark, my eyes, although glazed over with a look of disaffected cool, are aware of all the ladies averting their eyes, covering their mouths, reaching for their purses, and holding their noses, all in a desperate attempt to get my attention. When do I get my free drink?

See you at the Rue!
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