File Under: Problems I Have That Most People Wish They Had: My fridge is so full of a wide selection of premium imported beers that I can fit little else inside of it.

Big week at work. I have the distict honor of being the Lead Developer of a high-profile project that will be moving to production by my steady and capable hands.

The company has announced that they aren't going to tell us where our jobs will be eventually located. This continues the unfortunate trend of "announcing" that they have nothing to announce. Meanwhile, employees are keeping pace with their resignations; an sure sign that the company might not make it to the May announcement with many employees left.
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Shows at the HOB New Orleans that I would like to attend but am unable to post on in order to maintain our underground image:

(2/19) My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult (lol), $12
(3/1) Electric Six (rofl), $12
(3/5) Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, $13
(3/24) The Living Things, $12
(4/1) Dinosaur Jr., $22
(5/8) Ministry Revolting Cocks, $30
(5/24) Pretty Girls Make Graves, $10

The show that I will enjoy the most is the least expensive and the show I am least excited about is the most expensive. The Go-Go's are playing 3/25. For $35, maybe Belinda Carlisle will finally make out with me.
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Items listed on craiglist New Orleans under "free stuff" that I was not compelled to pursue:

Amy Grant CD
Free Dirt
Jumbo sized rubber bands
Blow-up doll, used gently

Top 5 Waitstaff of New Orleans restaurants or bars that I think about sometimes:

Hot chick from Herbsaint
Hot chick from Molly's
Hot chick from Lebanon Cafe
Hot chick from The Dervish
Creepy guy who remembered my name at Cafe Roma
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I really like working out in the company gym. I used to work out at my university's facility which was full of a) meatheads b) hot chicks and c) wrinkly old ladies who would fondle you if you weren't looking. In the company gym, everyone is older than me and in worse shape than me, so my huge ego gets even bigger. All the ex-meatheads have manboobs, there are no hot chicks, and the wrinkly old ladies totally ask before they fondle you.

I've got a small update on the musical instrument situation. Well, a big update. To be honest, I went a little nuts. Here is what's on the way to me:

Rickenbacker Model 330 (Fireglo)
Martin D1X acoustic
Pacific Drums Fusion Kit + hardware (Ebony Satin)
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe amp (black)
Alesis ION synth
Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash, Ride, Dark Hi-Hat
DW Double Bass Pedal
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