I need a really big trashcan to get rid of all the junk I have. I wish I could just start with an empty space again, a completely new space, just filling it up as I need something. A big white room with at least three floor to ceiling windows, hardwood floors, good lighting, lots of power outlets, and central heating. I'd fill it up with stylish furniture and accessories from Herman Miller and Pottery Barn. Then I'd be happy. Maybe a new car...or a new computer. A new guitar...a new college experience...a new place to go.

I need a new good luck charm. I need a new alarm. I just need a new smile on my face right next to a brand new scar.
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I am in California right now, in a cabin with 6 feet of snow as I walk out the door. I went skiing for the first time a few days ago, but I have to take a day off to let my poor ankle unswell. These boots are pretty painful right now. Some boots, some boots...

It has been a fantastic break thus far. San Francisco is always great fun, and the weather has been perfect. I brought Wuthering Heights to read while I was up here because I expected the blustery weather that beset the namesake of that novel. However, it is sunny and warm outside, and there are snow dogs that run to the door every time I open the door of the cabin. I think I am going to walk over to the slopes and hit on some helpless snow bunnies.
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