What can I say about 2008 that hasn't already been said? Thus far, it has been a year of healing, self-evaluation, and all sorts of other gay cocksuckery.

Here's some pictures of my band's first and last show as a two-piece: Full Gospel Gun Show charms the pants off of Checkpoint Charlie. Thanks, Kirk. You're my boy. Even if you did steal my spicy meat pie idea.

I'm going to Italy at the end of this week. Unfortunately, I don't know when I'll return. All I'm taking with me is a suitcase, my passport, my credit cards, my laptop, an unlocked RAZR handset, sunglasses, a new wardrobe from Kenneth Cole, a camera, a money belt, my iPhone, running shoes, rubber underpants, a Rambo knife, a pup tent, a portable toilet, and a small English-Italian dictionary. This does mean that I will miss the Ladytron show on June 6th. I will also not be able to continue resenting all you other smug fucks that have already been to Italy. Send me your address if you would like a postcard!
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