I can't wait to see this movie that has cast Bill Murray as a unfailingly nonplussed middle-age white male. He has got that shit nailed ever since Ghostbusters. Lost in Translation was pretty good; Scarlett Johansson was enchanting per usual. Did you know that the Trashies have a song about Ms. Johansson?

Scarlett J has always been one of our best songs, but I feel a new passion to play that song.

I rammed my car into my apartment this afternoon.
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I think I will take tomorrow off to settle things. I'm going to Jackson, MS for a few days in October. I wonder if either of my Madison friends will be available for hanging out?

When you have been in college for the last four years, and you have worked for yourself for the last three years, adjusting to the corporate drone is difficult. It definately stifles creativity, sitting in a cubicle. I used to write code in my home office with music blaring and the windows open. Now I can blare through my headphones, but the windows are at the end of the cubicle "hall."

It kicks in like an ugly sound
and I'm split divides me
Skull collides
Such a long way down
Such a big big bad
Such a bright white light
Rubber crutch lands so hard
I've got to know the way today
'Cause you fly with me again away

"Crutch" -Pinback
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Sometimes I like to flick the power to my computer know, just to let it know that I'm still in control.
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Action film ingredient #14: After hero vanquishes a particularly menacing foe, have the main bad guy saunter in with a gaggle of hopelessly well-armed henchmen. While sauntering, have said bad guy clap his hands slowly and say in an over-confident tone, "Well done, [insert hero name here]! It seems your charms have overwhelmed my right hand man." Then have bad guy pull out a dildo and smack hero around with it until he falls unconscious. Have henchman drag hero to "the Dungeon," where arm and leg manacles await!

This is straight out of the "Belly of the Beast" stage of the archetypal hero myth that Joseph Campbell defined. Well, minus the dildo.
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So I was browsing the Gucci fall collection via their website (yes, I am comfortable saying that), and was surprised to find that high fashion has now embraced some alternative hairstyles. Behold the Gucci Mullet:

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Quite a weekend. I'm not sure how I should continue. When was the last time we painted over the blood on the walls?

Someone you know might be thinking only of themselves today. There's a chance your friend will break important plans with you so they can go somewhere with another person they met the night before. Every once in a while, someone you care about will care about you a little less. Not forever...maybe not even a day. It's the days that hurt though. After a week, or a month, you can numb yourself, put it out of your head and move on. Minutes-hours-seconds can cut like a knife.
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