Well this is a surprise. is working again. Blogging to!

I totally graduated. I'm working for a corporation now. Subversion of the capitalist regime to! (Disclaimer to internet saavy HR folk: I'm not really all that subversive. That was a joke. I am, however, very sneaky, so you can assume what you will about the level of sarcasm in everything I say, ever)

A large chunk of my friends in the world have eloped. With different cities, to new lives, for new addictions, and in a brand new pair of crappy blue jeans. Tapered cut and stonewashed. For the boys, they are too tight in the crotch; for the girls, they have a frumpy butt and those ass-patches that are so hip/ugly these days. I, on the other hand, have just bought a new pair of comfortable Banana Republic pants. I paid for them in blood, but I don't feel like they have been earned with heart. So while I may be sitting pretty, I still envy the people who are living with uncertainty or discomfort. Comfort and certainty do little for creativity, at least not for me. I need the pain to feel vital; I need the doubt to feel hope. Even the door of my cubicle faces another cubicle wall.

I am exaggerating of course, but there's nothing like a little melodrama to get those creative wheels spinning! If you miss me already, I love to hear from friends.
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