I forgot about my philosophy paper due in the morning. I've probably got a few more ours to hem and haw about it before I start to write. It's about Carlos Castaneda's Journey to Ixtlan.

I am too young to worry about getting old. Any one who worries about getting old is wasting their time. What a worthless, fruitless pursuit. That's why I always loved/hated The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock, because while you are indulging your thoughts in self-pity and remorse, Eliot somehow makes you realize the pitiful scene of a man wasting his good time on reflecting on his life gone past. So wake the fuck up, Trey.

Don Juan says that Carlos should use his "death as an advisor." Sounds morbid, but it basically comes down to realizing that you could die at any moment. Therefore the mundane problems you may be consumed with become relatively unimportant. Actually, Journey to Ixtlan must have been an inspiration for Palahniuk's Fight Club. Tyler Durden as the archetypal Don Juan, with multiple personalities and a plea for insanity. This also leads into his idea of treating every act as "our last battle on earth." This can be summarized as making every act we do during our lives meaningful and worthy. I do not think he means that we should run around like ninjas, ready to die, because he follows this with a chapter about losing self-importance. All in all, he presents a view that is meaningful and satisfying, while being challeging and peaceful at the same time. A very Native American way of thinking: realizing our humility in light of the grandeur of everything outside of ourselves, yet being exalted because we have lived in harmony as a part of that whole.

After all, as Jon Bon Jovi said, "No man is an island." I think I will use that in my paper...
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Hello Facial Hair. Good morning. I'm guessing this is the final stage of Trey's puberty, because suddenly you are thick, black, and stubbly like 60 weight coarse-grain sandpaper. I see you twice as often these days. I don't think Trey will be able to fight you much longer. Beard inevitable...I guess I can start cashing in on that rugged look soon. Coming up next: back/ear/nose hair, love handles, male-pattern baldness, impotence, deafness, Alzheimer's, death.
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My music teacher played Mr. Bungle in class yesterday. He is cool.

Having said that, I am going to enjoy another beautiful day.
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For that matter, fuck self-riteous waitstaff who think they can determine what percentage of my food bill should be donated to them. I will punch you in the fucking face. There's your tip. The rules are:

If the service was good and prompt the rule of thumb is to tip 15 percent.
If the service was very good, leave 18 percent, and if it was extraordinary, leave 20 percent.
If the service was only fair, tip less, from 10 percent to 14 percent.
If the meal was appalling and the service abysmal, anything one feels like leaving will do.

I'm generally leaning toward the 20%, but if you mention the paucity of a generous tip, I will fuck you up. I'm going to start my own wave of pamphleting broadcasting a new message: "Waiters love ass pennies!"
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I just realized that I only re-do this site when I get a new font that I like.

HEY! If you are a designer, please send me one or more of you favorite fonts. (trey AT That would be awesome. I don't mind if they are copywrited or if you paid $75 for it. I won't tell anyone.
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I've been in the process of creating/updating a new site for the New Orleans DIY community for the few weeks. It consists mainly of the show listings for lesser known rock/metal/hardcore/indie acts, but there is a plethora of content that will available (mainly dealing with New Orleans music) once I get everything programmed.

Anyhow, there is a messageboard on the site where people can announce events, talk about shows, or whatever. There is even a "Help" section for people who need favors while they are in New Orleans. One particular thread has had me laughing for a solid ten minutes.

Seriously though. New iPod + new Grado SR80 headphones = antisocial Trey.
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