I saw Songs:Ohia at the Mermaid Lounge last night. I walked in two songs into an 8 song set and it was still worth $5. Just the dude and a Gibson SG, a Fender Deluxe, and a mic. Intense. Especially when I yelled "Freebird!" and he killed me.
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Well I think that I might have the least qualified professor in the world to teach and administer Tulane's Computer Architecture class. Up until a couple weeks ago, the material was manageable, the homeworks were time-consuming, yet stimulating, and the midterm was reasonably difficult. But all of a sudden he just expects us to know how to program a microprocessor simulation in Verilog, given a spec sheet and the module code for god-knows-what. And his idea of a "hint" was to diagram some obscure shit on the board and smirk. Then after the homework is due, he spends two frickin classes explaining the solution before handing out the next homework. What is lacking in between these two homeworks? TEACHING! MATERIAL! The prerequisite for the course was Digital Logic, not Digital Signals Processing and Microprocessor Control. I am going to sleep...I have no clue how to do this project, which is due in 7 hours.

Something good is going to happen to you.

The Frida movie looks dissappointing from the looks of the trailer, but we shall see. If nothing else, it's got Salma Hayek, who would redeem almost any movie. Speaking of which, there is a girl who goes to Tulane that is a Salma Hayek (sans unibrow) + Penelope Cruz love-child. I think she might be in a sorority, but I can forgive alot. If you see her, tell her that she needs to dump Diego, and if not, then Trey will be her Leon Trotsky (sans communism).
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Few things creep me out more than those anthropomorphic food items that you see in cereal commercials and on the sides of snack boxes that are constantly begging to be eaten. As if it is their life's goal to pass through a human digestive system. Someone should tell them that they die when that happens.

Speaking of food items, Beth reminds me of a fried green tomato. Happy Birthday!
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No matter what mood I am in, pictures of hideously disfigured babies will always put me in a good mood. Just kidding, it is just babies in halloween costumes, and some of them are insanely cute. Prepare to cackle at their cuteness.

In case you don't believe me, here is a picture of a baby dressed as a kitten taking a crap. No, really. Definitely my favorite of the lot...

This baby has plumber's crack...nice touch. Here's a, that's just wrong!
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Whenever I am spending too much time on the computer, I just surf on over to and I get so bored that I fall into "gotta get some fresh air" mode. It is remarkably effective. And I'd say he had a cool design, but it is just the famous movie scenes or art works that make it interesting. But even after all that, it is much better than my site. I just had a huge revelation: all weblogs are boring. The last five sites I've looked at have been about exciting as a Jane Austen novel.

I've spent the last few days in a gynecologists office, setting up computers, network, etc. I can say now, it was not nearly as exciting as my male imagination had portrayed it to be.
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I wish that I could be a plastic surgeon for just one day. I could inject silicon into my clients foreheads and fill their breasts with Botox.

"Oh, no Mrs. Thistlebottom! The Botox has crystallized after reacting with all the FAT in your fatty fat forehead. Not only that but your body has rejected the implants. They appear to be moving towards your ass and dispersing as collagen."
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