So against all odds, I was able to attend the Tori Amos concert tonight. Incredible. There are so many pros to see a great show, but I have an insatiable longing for the magical feeling that I had for the duration of the concert. I spent about 5 minutes wishing I had snuck in my video camera to film the show, but I am glad I didn't. Watching a video is never the same as the real thing and it bastardizes the original experience. Anyway, the next few tidbits are going to be my written devices to recall the visual, aural, and emotional bliss that I felt. This isn't a setlist or a review, just my happy memories that I will want to remember someday.

Little Amsterdam - She wore a silver mask in the shape of a fish with tulle covering her hair. Purple lighting reflected off a black backdrop. Very sultry.

Honey/Sugar - The low notes seemed to make my vision sharper. I love it when she smacks the piano.

Playboy Mommy - She moves over to this little beat up blue organ with yellow stars painted on. There is an orange light directly behind her that silhouettes her playing. I couldn't stop looking at her hair cascading off her shoulders, catching the light.

Marianne - This song always makes me sad, but the blue lights made me remember someone who sang this song to me once.

Mother - I don't have any distinct memories of her playing this, but it was one of my favorites of the night.

Me & a Gun - very stark lighting. Right before the end she sand the "flat on my stomach" bit VERY forcefully and chills...holy crap.

Over the Rainbow - these orange and green lights were moving all over the audience and stage and she was leaning back and singing to everyone and wow the show could have ended right there and been perfect.

I have two midterms tomorrow to start studying for so goodnight and sweet dreams. All is well in the world for me...
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To my faithful readers and friends...

Sorry for the lack of updates and email on my part. I am in the middle of a large web project and another large software project. Additionally, I had a barrage of hacking attempts on my workstations and server a week or so ago. All attacks were repulsed but I took everything down for a few days to be safe. Since I regularly transmit loads of valuble and confidential information over my entire home network and stuff, this sort of precautionary measure is absolutely necessary. Man, some nerds have nothing better to do. Normal operations should resume in T-minus 4 days. And this design has grown moldy and tired. It will be replaced soon as well.

I named the cockatiel Aepha. She has got my mother in a whirl, cuz we're not sure if she's a boy or a girl. Speaking of Bowie, my favorite misheard lyric so far has been the following for Space Oddity (credit to trent):
Correct Lyrics:
Ground Control to Major Tom...
Misheard Lyrics:
Clown control to Mao Tse-tung...

I'll post some sort of collection of those soonish. In the meantime, feel free to send me some motivational email.
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10.02.2001 would appear that I am going to have an incredible month of live music.
Black Halos
(and the rest of the Voodoo Fest lineup...should I be excited about Bush?)
Tori Amos
I would list all the great local bands that are also playing, but you've never heard of them.
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Name me!

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Bird pictures pending.

Today was the last day to drop classes, so I took advantage of that opportunity. Turns out one of my interns at my last job was assigned to be my TA. It seems he was so over-stimulated by my subordinance that he graded my homework a little vindictively. Not that he knows anything about Computer Architecture. Anyway, it's for the best. I can just take it next year when I am supposed to.

I saw Justin today. He was smoking outside the Library while I was going to drop off my forms. We talked for a while about friends and enemies and whatever lies between them. Sometimes it is hard to know how to feel about those.

I am in the mood to build something.
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A public service announcement
In case you aren't aware: Netscape 4.0 sucks.
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