Damn you people. Ever read that E. E. Cummings poem about how the author parallels an erotic experience with driving his new car? Anyway, the post below is a blatant rip-off of that piece. Not much more. By posting my thoughts, dreams, fantasies, experiences, etc. in such an open forum I would expect a certain amount of trust and prudence from anyone who reads them. If you violate that trust by assuming things, you have created a volatile situation out of a benign "journal." What I post here is not a court log. I lie. I dream. I babble. I live, but this is not life.

In closing, I did not fuck my guitar.
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Abby is supposed to be in town. Where the hell are you Abby? I've got my party pants on and I'm ready to rock.

Speaking of rock, my guitar came in the mail today. We embraced like past lovers after a long separation. And almost like the first time, I stroked her neck, and coaxed out a few timid chords. A little wobbly, a little out of tune, but soon she relaxed and revealed her true self again. I started running my hands across her shapely body while running my fingers across her hair...I mean strings. Soon enougn we were both singing the same song, and the rhythm increased with renewed confidence. Fast and hard, I wouldn't have it any other way. Who needs an amp? As the last riff rang out, I fell back, clutching her tightly. I caught my breath...and smiled.
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These are the site stats for
Interesting people I met today: 3
Guitars of mine that have been shipped to me by my family: 0
Expensive guitars that I am lusting after while instrumentless in San Francisco: 2
Number of things that are piling up on me: 2
Pangs of regret: 1
Pangs of doubt: 0
Number of original thoughts had by Sonia: 0 (she is so adopted all the time)
Number of minutes spent redesigning this site since I arrived: 0
Number of khaki cargo pants that I purchased at the GAP on the corner of Haight-Ashbury: 1

Referrer Logs for
Recent good concerts that I missed:
Frank Black & the Catholics
David Byrne

Concerts that I went to, but would rather swallow drain cleaner than have to sit through again:
Kottonmouth Kings (she told me they were punk)

Recent indulgences:
Modest Mouse - The Moon & Antarctica
Pixies - Trompe le Monde
Mondo Generator - Cocaine Rodeo
Radiohead - Amnesiac
TOOL - Lateralus
1 Speed Bike - Flabby Butt Begone!
Godspeed You Black Emperor! - f#a#oo (first pressing vinyl)
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Melissa and I are going to Haight Street.
Everything is going great. I want to go to City
Lights, because Chris told me that
I could find some beat poets there.
Sometimes I wonder if every day is
Saturday. Her middle name is
Allyson, like the Pixies song, but with a why.
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After getting over the absence of constant stress, the complete lack of overbearing authority, and my plenitude of freedom and happiness, I have come to the conclusion that my life is really great right now. If you see me around and I look "angsty," rest assured that I am only keeping up appearances. Yesterday I stood on top of a huge mountain, overlooking the ocean and the Golden Gate and this wonderful town. The sight was so magnanimous that the few minutes before and after my standing there were lost in my memory. Overwhelmed senses and a fulfilled imagination are more potent than any drug (of which I have not done any...I promise). That parenthetical expression was tautological and vague.

I am not working full-time for a dot-com or whatever. Big surprise. This city is a techie graveyard right now. However, unlike the rest of the scrambling digerati, I am employed and living in the nicest neighborhood of one of the nicest cities in the world. So it's cool, baby. It is so easy to forget, but every day that I am here makes me remember. You know, what's important...

Ahh, yes. The family. Happy birthday to my wonderful mother! My lovely and talented sister Meg graduated high school today and will be attending Georgia State in the fall. I will not be back in New Orleans to see her go, and I deeply regret that. Meg you are the best, and I will miss you. Another lovely sister (yet slightly less talented) sister o' mine, Kay, also graduated after I left. And let us not forget Sarah...

I'm just getting my internet connection set up, so please forgive me if I haven't responded to your email. However, I am still fond of getting long, in-depth letters, so feel free to write me.
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