Ok. I am fairly happy with the design right now. I will tweak it throughout the week, so let me know what you think of the various changes. By the way, the At the Drive-In CD, Relationship of Command is highly recommended. I have been listening to it non-stop.

I am a little behind on homework in general, so if you see me online, tell me to quit screwing around and get some work done.
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I redesigned the weblog a little this afternoon. So I guess let me know if anything looks odd. To anyone who is reading this, know that I have been swamped with email and I will be catching up tonite and tomorrow. Also, the archives and permalinks aren't working right now, as I am having a little trouble with server-side includes and ASP. If there are any experts out there, drop me a line...

The Bad Religion show last night whupped a pony's ass. I will post a review of that later on tonite. I grabbed a setlist after the show, so I can at least accurately report that. Wanna know the CD's I got today? All of these were only $30! That might be a lot of money for music for jack, but that is pretty good for new CD's in New Orleans.

At the Drive-In - Relationship of Command
Earth Crisis - Gomorrah's Season Ends
Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon
Bad Religion - No Substance
Local H - Pack Up the Cats
Sister Machine Gun - Burn
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Glam night was quite different last night. I suppose that Halloween brought more people out, but for the first time ever there was a line to get in. Fairly crowded, lots of patent/pleather goth types were around. Pretty good night, but I have to admit that the music is very predictable. When you and your friends find a place that you like to hang out, it's almost sad when it changes. There is no reason that the Shim Sham should not become popular, but it is just not as fun when it isn't as obscure. As Scott would say, "That's the breaks..."

"i think i know why radiohead's music appeals its way to me. it's lonely. most other music written is for mobs of dancing squelching people, a feeling of accompaniment. some songs were written for partnership, love songs written for the two, sharing. radiohead, perhaps, is the only band written for you, one person. it's for you to hear alone. you may listen to radiohead on a physical plane with someone, but the music will still reach your personally, but also just them personally. that's my theory. that's why radiohead is so unique, and that's why it appeals to those lonely computer people that perhaps spend too much time alone. " [riot hero]

I agree to this to an extent. Kid A is an isolationist record, and it even feels better when you are listening to it alone. The earlier albums are easily shared with other people. Not to mention, Radiohead is still rock n' roll music, whether or not the band is experimenting presently. And rock can be lonely sometimes.
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Sonia and I decided to check out the Movie Pitchers show. Looks like Bryan dropped the ball again, because the show had been cancelled. Actually, I don't know anyone else who works as hard as that guy does to help local punk/emo/hardcore music grow in the New Orleans area. He gets on people's asses to come out to shows and he really has brought in some great bands.

LOOK! Tonight there is a Head Pro show! I can relive my high-school metal days at a crappy Fat City venue. In case you don't know, my very first webpage was a tribute to the gods of metalcore themselves. Anyway, I heard that the show was cancelled. Oh well.
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What to do tonite? We have a couple show options (from Bryan's site):

1. Community & Fire is Real
Movie Pitchers. 10 PM. $5.
A benefit show for a new all ages venue. Community is rock-n-roll reminiscent of Joan of Arc and Braid. Fire is Real used to be Point 07 but now play a chaotic-less-talk-more rock jammy style emo. Come out to support the continuation of your all ages independent music scene.

2. "Punk-O-Rama" w/ Agnostic Front, All, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Straight Faced
Shim Sham. 7 PM. $12. +18 show.

So let me know what you think. I'm leaning towards the Movie Pitchers show b/c NOLA so badly needs a good all-ages punk venue (Movie Pitchers and Dixie Taverne don't cut it). It makes me kinda miss the good ole' days of the Faubourg Center & Cypress Hall. Temple of the Becoming had potential, but it was in the ghetto. I tried to start something at Tipitina's, but I quit before it got off the ground.
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I have started to (finally) develop the Music Section of this site. I have big plans for it, but right now it is just a listing of the concerts I have attended. This is by no means a definitive list, and it is really just for my recollection, but feel free to browse it. These dates have been some of the best of my life.
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This site is ridiculously addictive. Exploring the different parts of the mosaic is like licking your hand obsessively after you have been doped up on Codein. If you enjoy things as funny as the Ronghole, you may enjoy this also.
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I want to repost this because it originally got lost in the site redesign shuffle.

"sometimes i really hate the punk scene.
it smacks of high school to me, everyone making sure everyone else is as down as they are, except instead of tommy hilfiger the contest is to see who can be the crustiest, who's wearing the most fucked up clothing, a game i refuse to play.

but then the music starts, played by these kids who are as angry with society as i am, albeit for probably different reasons; they're mad and they're fast and they give as much away in the songs as they can.

the music starts, and i can fall back in love with the world once more, even if it's only for a thirty minute set. we all forget in that half hour, and we give as much of ourselves to them as they give to us, a fair trade, an even bargain. we all emerge into the cold air, sweaty and breathing frost, looking around at one another again, embarrassed to admit that we all felt it too." [inconsistent]
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A++ on the philosophy paper. Aced the computer organization test. I now have time to a) work out b) screw around on this website c) read for pleasure d) none of the above. We will see.

Mmmm....Failure's last CD is in current rotation at dephex. Fantastic Planet is pure genius, just as Zeke's show at the Shim Sham on Friday was pure ROCK.
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Kaytie needs to drink more cranberry juice. She is sick and I have to take care of her.
She says, "Ralph Nader sucks! He really does..."
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Permalinks are all GOOD!
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Adding new users...! yep
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Template in place. This is the first post with the new one.
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Ok...i finally got the FTP server running perfectly on my school computer.
Just need to get a template and we're golden!
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