Seriously, what is the deal with women getting married and then hyphenating their last names? I know it is a controversial issue, but how confusing is that going to get after a few generations? I prefer the idea of a couple selecting a new last name together to continue their life together. I know an Indian couple that did that. So instead of "Gandangaran-Toke," they became "Sandilya." Awesome.

Speaking of awesome, someone tried to break into my apartment Sunday afternoon. While I was there. Sleeping in my bed three feet away from the window he was crawling through. What ensued might be the most badass thing I have ever done. Since he couldn't see me through the blackout shade, I stood up and kicked his head, causing him to fall back out the window into the alley. He got up, CLOSED THE WINDOW, and ran. I ran out my front door to catch him as he came out the alley, but apparently he found another escape route. Something tells me I haven't seen the last of this goon.
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