Things that can make me happy on a Monday:

1. Four new Nine Inch Nails records being released spontaeneously on the internet for free in one day.

2. Discovering that I really like the band Killing Joke. If I still went to 80's Night, I would have to demand that they played "Love Like Blood" on repeat.

3. Finding out that we have acquired a new practice space in the same building as the old one, less than a week after getting kicked out. Also, the band we are sharing with is also a three piece guitar/cello/drums.

4. Doing Uttanasana in yoga class and realizing that I could put my palms on the ground comfortably.

5. Realizing that I am going to fail spectacularly in the facial hair growing contest I entered during a bout of drunkedness on Friday night, and being OK with that.

5. A violent pounding rain to help me fall asleep. (This entry would be 10x more interesting if I took out the word "rain")
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