So before the events of last night transpired, I made one of my Ultimate Sandwiches©, which at this time I will describe in detail so that the rest of the world can bask in my sandwich artisanry. I may be an unmotivated chef, but my skills with deli meat and miscellaneous condiments and garnishes are unrivaled. Behold:

The Xanadu
2 Slices of Fresh Rosemary Sourdough
1/4 Lb of Herb Roasted Turkey Breast
1/2 Ripe Avacado, Mashed with Gourmet Olive Oil
1 Chunk of Bucherondine Cheese
Peppadews, Raisins, Miracle Whip, Grey Poupon

Heat the bread in the oven until it is warm and starting to brown. Spread mayo and Grey Poupon on opposing slices. Add 1 layer of Raisins to mayo side and 1 layer of Peppadews to Grey Poupon side. Add 1 layer of turkey to each side. Spread avacado mash on one side and put cheese chunks on top. Slap the sides together, cut in half, and enjoy.

And by enjoy, I mean "Enjoy the sexual arousal that comes from putting such an amazing creation in your mouth."
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