If you Krazy Glue your fingers together, you should laugh at yourself.

If you spill a tube of Krazy Glue on your hands 10 seconds after finally getting the first batch off, you should avoid grabbing the faucet of the sink and the bottle of acetone at the same time lest you glue yourself to the aformentioned objects with no additional appendages with which to free yourself from the unbreakable chemical bonds that Krazy Glue creates.

That sentence was a grammatically incorrect run-on.

Krazy Glue doesn't care about grammar or readability. Krazy Glue only cares about doing one thing and doing it extremely well, giving nary a thought to who it might hurt or whose dreams it might crush. Krazy Glue doesn't make exceptions or crack under the influence of guilt or pity. We could all learn a little from the unflinching purpose which Krazy Glue serves.

Fuck you, Krazy Glue.
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hm. ouch.
# posted by kimberlina : 2/15/2006 8:06 PM