To all concerned:

I evacuated Sunday night to escape the destruction of the hurricane. I stayed in Jackson, MS for three nights until the power and water situation became uncomfortable. I will be in Lebanon, MO until further notice. I have been in touch with my mother and sisters. My father and grandparents are stuck in New Orleans. I think they are safe. I can best be reached by email (trey@dephex.org) or by phone (417) 532-6585. If you decide to text message me, include your name (my phone doesn't tell me who the message is coming from) and a line where I can contact you.

My long term plans include getting back into New Orleans as soon as possible to try to rescue my pets, which I left at my apartment. After that I will be looking for employment in the computer industry, either in New York or San Francisco.

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Trey, I'm relieved to hear you're safe. We're all thinking of you and family. If you would like somewhere to stay in Atlanta please call me 678.362.0466. Abe's just down the street and just as much a dope as ever, and (almost)-step-momma Missy's doing well in Rochester. love always Abby
# posted by Anonymous : 9/02/2005 6:28 PM
i'm glad you're safe, darling. <3 i hope your pets are okay. i will try to give you a call soon.

# posted by Anonymous : 9/04/2005 6:31 PM
I am happy to see that you are safe :)

Good luck with the birdies!

If you need anything let me know...

# posted by Anonymous : 9/09/2005 3:50 AM