I put the new Sigur Ros CD on before I retired to bed last night. The third and last track of the EP has these wierd moans that alternate between the left and right stereo channels. Really strange to wake up to with the rain pounding my window. Make me think of the last time that I had two strange voices moaning in my bedroom while I was trying to sleep. Oh!

I will never say that I hate the weather when I am in New Orleans. I love the weather here unconditionally, and it loves me. People try to bitch at me about the weather, but I just nod my head and smile. A good New Orleans thunderstorm is always a great way to start. You're soaking in it!

I am going to my favorite city in the world, San Francisco. I'll be doing all my favorite things while I'm there, including skiing and record shopping and pretending that I'm gay. All things just keep getting better! Mark my words, there will be an entire generation of children born in the next year that will be named Kyan. Not to diss the other queer eyes or anything...but I digress. I'll be there until next Tuesday.
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