Three hundred and sixty-five days ago. I wish I could go back in time.

Instead I think I will just lose myself in work. I have landed a few freelance jobs; good, interesting, and challenging jobs.

Melissa is graduating soon moving back home for this summer. I don't know how I will deal with not seeing her for such a long period of time. She is at the beach with her ex-boyfriend Matt right now. After graduation she is driving back to Virginia with him (stopping at the beach on the way) and then going on vaction...with him. Something instinctual tells me that should bother me and other people ask me if that bothers me. (No comment) It wouldn't phase me in the least if I was sure that Matt's motives were as innocent and "harmless" as Melissa's. C'est la vie, eh?

BUT...there are gonna be some cool kids in town this summer. Honestly, my girlfriend has been pretty much the extent of my social life for the last 9 months. While I don't regret that in the least, it has changed me. I am going to need to make some friends quick like. Otherwise, I can see myself getting pretty depressed pretty quick. So...if you are going to be in New Orleans from now until mid-August, I will pay you good cash money to be my friend. I'm serious. Try me.

I have to interject here. I got two freelance jobs while I was typing this entry. I'm the new dot-com boom of New Orleans! Back to work....
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