Having done my time in the retail and food service industries, I understand that customers can be abrasive, rude, and difficult. Dealing with such a situation gracefully is a quality; some managers and employees handle it beautifully, while others flip out and make things worse. On the other hand, if a customer is courteous, understanding, and unobtrusive, and the employee treats the customer like a hated enemy, there is a problem.

I was at the Mushroom today, browsing the used CDs, when a couple of guys walk up to the counter to check out. The employee starts ringing them up and notices that the credit card reader is not attached to the register and starts screaming at the manager. Loud and heated argument ensues. Manager apologizes to the customer and leaves the scene. Employee then starts screaming at the two guys just because they were paying with a credit card. Although several nervous glances were exchanged, they pretended that he was kidding around and finished buying their stuff. I was about to buy something, but I didn't feel like dealing with that crap, so I left.

Just wanted to get that off my chest. Thanks.
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