Every couple months or so I feel the need to do the traditional college thing and get really drunk. However, I have noticed with increasing frustration that I am unable to reach this goal (not the loftiest of goals, but whatever, I'm young). I think my increased body mass probably has alot to do with it. Nevertheless, if you drink three Long Islands and two shots of Jack in under an hour and still don't feel anything, something is wrong. I hate people that can get drunk so easily.

Can't (or won't?) get drunk + hate drunk people = straightedge? If someone can help me with this problem, I would appreciate it.

2 Skinny J's was pretty fun. I think was the first hip hop show I've ever been to, now that I think about it. I met this girl while I was there (she was on the Real World), and we talked about New Orleans. Yay.
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