Real quick: Two funny car stories while driving (towards) uptown today.

First, I was on Causeway and this convertible cuts me off (almost hitting me) and is swerving all over the place. I am watching it speeding down the highway and I see this huge truck pull across the road, blocking the entire road. I just so happens that its cargo is a load of PortaPotties. Convertible dude can't stop in time and rams the side of the truck, causing the wooden railings to break. A big fat yellow Pot-o-Gold lands on his hood. Nobody was hurt, but damn I thought that was funny.

Then, like five minutes later, I was cruising down Jeff Highway in my crusty Suburban and this old dude in a pickup honks as he pulls up to me. He is pointing at the driver's side door, and I think that something is wrong with my car. I stick my head out the open window, still driving, and I see that a piece of my car is hanging off the door, dragging on the pavement. I reach my arm out, yank it off, toss it in the back, and give the old dude the "thanks brah" wave without turning my head. That was my cool action of the week.
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