Nothing like a good 5 hours of programming and data entry on a nice Saturday afternoon...ahh.

I went to visit my grandmother in the hospital yesterday. She fell down a week ago and fractured her hip, necessitating an operation. I would have gone to see her sooner, but my mother (who has literally in her room since it happened) said that she was hallucinating and not completely aware of her surroundings and probably wouldn't recognize/remember me. She was diagnosed with Parkinson's about a year ago, and her condition isn't getting any better. The good news is that when I showed up, the doctors and my mom said that she was doing alot better. She looked really thin and weak, but she was talking alot and cracking jokes. I will be going back every day or so until she busts outta that joint...

Even if you don't believe in god, please keep her in your thoughts/prayers. Thank you.
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