Melissa and I were driving uptown last night when suddenly she yelps and lays down practically on the floor of my car. I didn't bother asking what was wrong. However, she insisted on telling me that the guy in the homely Toyota Camry next to us had a gigantic gun that he was brandishing while driving. Being the curious fellow that I am, I maintained my speed so that I could see this hand cannon she spoke of. Apparently this budget gangster had stowed his piece before I could get a look. To placate Melissa, I pulled back about 25 feet and watched. While we were discussing these events (and what his need for such a weapon might be), the guy pulls into an indoor paintball arena parking lot. We figured he was going to go in there and waste everyone inside.

After that, I saw Local H and Chevelle at Tipitinas. I was totally on the list...

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