Melissa and I like this article, from which the below was pulled. It is a pretty good magazine, not your standard state of society commentary. It actually reminds me of this zine I used to read, Crimeth Inc.

"Ours is a universe without consequence, so buried in technological 'marvels' making our loves 'easy, fast and fun' that sometimes its hard to imagine anything outside of it. Rally for change? Change what?"

"Imagine 300,000 teenagers clad in carefully alternative gear and marching on Capitol Hill, in every hand a sign with nothing written on it. Thousands of apathetic eyes pleading toward the decay of democracy, towards a dusty Lincoln, toward the grave of an unknown soldier. A patriot (or so we like to think) who died so we could have our hmanity served to us through sterile tubes. So we could hole up behind our computer screens, jerking off to anime. Human bodies have become disposable."
-Elinor Abbot, ADBUSTERS, Mar/Apr 2002
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