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Alameda Falls, San Francisco, CA

Here is the first batch of my photos from my summer in California, courtesy of my uncle Denny. This was a hike that we took a few weeks before I left.

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Beginning of the trip...teetering.
From left to right: Me, Sonia, Lalo, M, Julyan, Tye(?). I don't think that Lalo liked me very much. He kept giving me these nasty looks.

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We had been looking for a diversion from the normal trail that apparently lead to this secluded waterfall and beach.

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I caught this lizard on the way (Archie). I expected it to scramble off soon as I let it go, but apparently it took a great liking to me. It stayed with me for the duration of the trip, when I had to set it free with tears in my eyes.

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My uncle and I standing at the edge of the world.

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