The Interpol/Liars show last night was AWWWWESSSOOOOMMMEEE! (emphasis mine) The show was supposed to be at a new HOB venue in the Warehouse district called "The Sugar Mill," which is the same location as the woefully underused Tipitinas "Ruins." The outdoor venue proved unsuitable for the wet weather, so the show was moved to the regular House of Blues location. It didn't strike me until a few songs into their set that it really was quite a treat that it was moved. After all, I saw them play on the same stage no less than 5 years ago, which predated their atmospheric popularity by a couple years. Back in the days of Twiropa yore, they sold out the big room and sounded horrible. Last night was intimate, tight, not overcrowded, and sounded fantastic.

The surprise of the evening for me was how much I enjoyed Liars. Let me back up a little. I was obsessed with their first album, but they didn't make it to NOLA for a show until shortly after their second came out. It was widely regarded as one of the most overcrowded shows ever to grace the now departed Mermaid Lounge. They played nothing from the first album and generally just made noise for an hour and a half. Maybe I was just in a bad mood, but I was disappointed at the time, and wrote them off as victims of their own creativity and hype. That was a mistake. I never listened to 2006's Drum's Not Dead, and I ignored their latest album entirely. Last night changed everything. The whole schtick where a band puts an extra floor tom and snare drum with the snares thrown off on stage and plays a tom-heavy beat during one or two songs has always seemed a little trite to me, but on further reflection, every time I've seen it done it has been incredible. I shall wax nostalgic about the time when Mexico 1910 asked me to do the same thing at their final Mermaid Lounge show, which escalated to the point where nearly everyone in attendance had grabbed a drum stick, piece of wood, or anything else they could get their hands on, and banged the shit out of anything in sight for about 10 minutes straight. My point is, people love a good beat more than anything else, and when it comes to percussion, more isn't always better, but it sure is fun. It made me smile during the entire performance last night, and has got me listening to the last two Liars records right now with the same big smile.
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I went to the beach last weekend and had a great time. I even remembered to put on sunblock this time, which increased my enjoyment of my time there by an estimated 500%. I forgot to put sublock on my right earlobe, though, and I'm pretty sure that it's about to fall off. People have been giving me shit about it, like it's going to drop into their food or something. I'm just like, "Chill, bitches. Some earflesh would probably do you some good."

On Sunday afternoon I was doing what I do best on the beach: Lookin' sexy with my shirt off. I happened to also be holding a lukewarm Negra Modelo, wearing sunglasses, and listening to a smooth 80's station on this little boombox device we had. All of a sudden, Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" starts playing and I am freaking out. Everyone knows that I can't listen to that song sitting down.

You might be wondering what happened next. I'll tell you. I grabbed that boombox and started pointing at people in the rhythm of the music. Everyone I pointed to snapped into formation as I started running down the beach, boombox planted on my shoulder. Before I knew it, a bunch of smoking hot girls were running down the beach with me, the sunset framing our every move. It was so incredible that people were cheering for us as we ran. The fun lasted until the end of the song. Then we had to walk back to where we were sitting which was a little embarassing.
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