1. A full back piece depicting a side/perspective view of Western coach chase. The stagecoach will be filled to the brim with cowboys with handlebar mustaches and rifles. In hot pursuit will be a tribe of Native American Indians warrior squaws on horseback brandishing spears and bows and arrows, ready to fire. The center of the piece will be a cowboy likeness of myself, driving the stagecoach while standing, reigns in one hand, bullwhip flailing in the other. My eyes will be wild with the fire of whiskey and bloody retribution. All of the Indians in pursuit will bear the likeness of any woman that I have ever dated...except with, you know, braids and headbands and feathers and shit.

2. A fleur-de-lis on my ankle.
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A Middle-Aged Zack Morris Recalls His Adolescence

I remember waking each day with the strident ringing of a clock radio, alerting me that I was long overdue for rising. At this point I was probably already doubting my ability to make it to school punctually. Hurriedly tossing my textbooks into a knapsack and checking my coif in the bathroom mirror, I would sprint to the intersection moments after the school bus would speed past the stop.

I, however, would somehow always be comforted by the fact I everything would be taken care of by "the Bell." The identity of the Bell is a mystery to me even to this day.

In the case that one of the instructors would surprise the class with an unannounced examination, I was inevitably unprepared and would most likely receive a poor grade. My German Shepherd also had a penchant for white looseleaf paper, and would devour my assignments on a near nightly basis. In order to escape attention, I would slouch in my desk beyond the view of the teacher in the hopes of escaping her glance. With any luck, I would persuade her to let me turn the assignment in the following day and all transgressions would be forgotten.

Again and again, I would be pulled from academic failure from a mysterious character known as the Bell.

Later in life, the Bell introduced me to Christianity, prompting me to accept Jesus Christ as my personal saviour. Life is going quite well for me, and every day I thank the true saviour.
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I am boycotting SMS text messaging. I hate it. Sorry, modern world, you let me down again.

I had a DVD purchasing spree at Target sometime last week, but only one item is worth mentioning: Twin Peaks Season 2 box set. Last night I made it through the two hours of Lynchian bliss that is Episode 8; I am simultaneously comforted and terrified by the fact that 14 more episodes await my viewing. Soon I will know who killed Laura Palmer, assuming I live to find out.
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