Captain Gaylord's Falls From Grace (Part 100)

With the focus of a unemployed lounge singer, Trey's eyes locked on his target, wandering through the fog. A fragment of the last week's memories scattered itself across his thoughts, completely irrelevant now. The damp air made his Hugo Boss sweater shirt cling to pectorals strained by the recent battle. An uncharacteristically masculine stubble framed the sharp jawline, the toothy grimace, as his Art of Shaving kit and accessories had been also consumed by the inferno.

Gaylord's vision faded completely now as the darkness became more complete. This was a non-issue. Although his encounters were usually simplified by dazzling opponents with a certain mind-numbing hotness (that which emanated from his body), there were plenty of other weapons in his arsenal. One step more and Trey was in the void.

He sensed a presence at his feet. Nudging gently with the toe of his Donald J. Pliner loafers, Trey felt a furry familarity.

"Lucy! I can't believe it is you."

Trey's sidekitten was presumed dead days earlier, but nursing wounds just as grevious as his own, she looked surprisingly well put together. At that moment, somehow Cpt. Gaylord knew they could get through this together.

I held her paw and we fell into it, like a daydream, or a fever...
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Guilty Pleasure: Nelly Furtado, Promiscuous. It has almost instantly claimed a spot on Trey's All-Time Awesome Dance Party Hits. Sweaty and sleazy and oh so fresh. I love it. Talk about a chorus:

Promiscuous girl,
wherever you are,
I'm all alone,
and it's you that I want.

Promiscuous boy,
you already know
that I'm all yours.
What you waitin' for?

Promiscuous girl,
you teasin' me.
You know what I want,
and I got what you need.

Promiscuous boy,
let's get to the point.
'Cuz we're on a roll.
You ready?
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Interesting tidbits of the last week:

If you want to hear more about any one of the topics above, leave a comment. All of them are interesting stories except one.
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I just finished watching the trailer for "Pulse," which appears to be a horror story for the technology crazed youth of today. Anyone wanna see this with me on July 14th? There are scenes of otherworldly apparitions fading in and out of the beleagered teens' everyday meanderings, appearing on their computer screens, cell phones, and eventually in their actual physical lives! Where does the madness end?

In one of the "little-too-close-to-home" scenes, even a girl's inkjet printer is not safe. Apparently operating on its own, the haunted device begins spewing printed pages, as fast as an inkjet can spew, which is not very fast. Hey, at least they make an effort to portray modern printing technology accurately.

Anyway, as the frantic nymphet arranges a 9 x 9 grid of these pages on the floor of her home office, she realizes that they form a hazy depiction of...gasp...a human head! SCREAAAAAAMMMM!

Then she recycles the paper.
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Trey Says:

Somewhere between San Francisco and New Orleans my 4 year old Dell laptop stopped working. I know what the issue is (faulty/dead charging board on the motherboard), but I am unwilling to repair it. Thankfully, I only used this laptop as a complete satellite to my PowerMac, and everything was backed up.

Coincidentally, right before I got on the train to the airport, I was ogling the 15" MacBook Pro at the Apple Store on Market Street. It felt good, light in my hands, my hands, my strong, well-moisturized hands. Is it time to complete the transformation to a Mac-only setup? I think so.

I am also a little relieved to be forced to spend the dough on something that I really need rather than on something less critical to my productivity, like a new hat or some leather chaps.
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