Apparently one of the more popular Jackson area gravel truck drivers died recently. There was a funeral procession this morning driving South down I-55. Each of the trucks was carrying a load of the deceased's favorite gravel, and in order to outwardly display their grief, the drivers would release a small salvo of their cargo into the interstate traffic. Each cracked windshield represented a fond memory of their fallen brother that they cherish. It was lovely.

This town is starting to wear a bit thin. For me, this may be the darkest hour of my evacuation experience. I know I am not alone in that feeling. It is easy for me to find strength in calamity for all other concerns become unimportant. It is not easy for me to be so strong when faced with comfort and routine. I have fallen upon my Isle of the Lotus Eaters.
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As much as I enjoyed reading The Unbearable Lightness of Being, I didn't expect to be so moved by the film adaptation. The perfection of the casting alone was enough to make me tear up. For a three hour movie, it held my attention better than any CGI sci-fi extravaganza (and I heart me a CGI sci-fi extravaganza). Needless to say, I have a new entry in my list of favorite movies.

Okey dokey doggie daddy. Time to get some work done.
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If you Krazy Glue your fingers together, you should laugh at yourself.

If you spill a tube of Krazy Glue on your hands 10 seconds after finally getting the first batch off, you should avoid grabbing the faucet of the sink and the bottle of acetone at the same time lest you glue yourself to the aformentioned objects with no additional appendages with which to free yourself from the unbreakable chemical bonds that Krazy Glue creates.

That sentence was a grammatically incorrect run-on.

Krazy Glue doesn't care about grammar or readability. Krazy Glue only cares about doing one thing and doing it extremely well, giving nary a thought to who it might hurt or whose dreams it might crush. Krazy Glue doesn't make exceptions or crack under the influence of guilt or pity. We could all learn a little from the unflinching purpose which Krazy Glue serves.

Fuck you, Krazy Glue.
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You know what's cute? Kitties on kitty Valium. They are just like furry little pouches of love. They will rub on you and purr and roll around on their backs when you pay attention to them, but if you put them down or walk away they just stay in the same spot and wait for you to come get them. They will wait in the same spot for an hour without moving a paw.

Cute as a button. Cute as a peach in a little red wagon!
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