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I discovered an impulse to quit driving today. I think this is the most important move I can make to reconnect with certain things I feel are missing and to disconnect those things which I think should be missing.

I haven't thought it through to a point of satisfaction, but I have the luxury of choosing to stop driving rather than have it taken away from me. I will start taking the streetcar or the bus to work. I will walk to the grocery store. I will ride my bike to bars, shows, and friend's houses. These are simple solutions.

I walked slowly from St. Charles to my house on Contstance and Fourth. Typing this, I am self-conscious of my embarassment in letting people know that it was a truly beautiful moment in my life.

Looking up, as if from the bottom of a well, it is not the sun that blinds me, but the stars.
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"There's an air of superiority blowing over the Southwest..."
or "Reasons to Help You Think You Are Cooler Than Me."

Last week I was strolling around the floor of my office building (sometimes my ass goes numb, and exercise is good for you), and I wandered over to the intern section for an ego boost. I happened to glance in the cubicle of one of the recently hired CS interns. What I found did not boost my ego. His computer screen caught my eye, so I walked in surreptitiously behind him. I was a little disturbed to find him Photoshopping my head from the company phone book onto a picture of a sea turtle. He was doing a pretty good job of it...

"Hey Kevin."
(startled) "Oh, hey Trey" (sheepish grin)
"Whatcha workin on there?"
"You just kinda remind me of a sea turle."
"Really? I usually get giraffe..."

Kevin...Kevy...Kev...K. C'mere little buddy. I know at some point in the future you might read this entry. I just want you to know that I am not creeped out by this incident. Nevertheless, that was a little creepy.
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Soooooooo. I'm having a little love/hate with my current apartment. My style has been pretty cramped lately. I've been dropping MAD cheese on this home theater (which is now finished) and my landfamily upstairs is trying to regulate my usage to times before 10pm. I like my shit loud, low, and late nite, so this is a problem for me.

Additionally, I dropped some more cheese on this set of electronic drums, which I thought would solve my issue with not being able to practice in my apartment. Well, due to the annoyed phone call I just received, that won't work either because they can hear me thumping away through the walls.

Well shit.

On top of that, this place is Fucking Expensive (TM).

My manager gave everyone at work a copy of "Who Moved My Cheese?"
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Hello. I'm so fucked. This is my space and I am taking it back.
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