For any given moment in time, there is probably a Tom Petty song that fits that moment pretty well. If at any point you realize that this song is "Last Dance With Mary Jane," you might be a little too attached to a dead person.

Since last Tuesday, I have survived on a diet of vegan food, horderves, whiskey, and cigarettes.

A mysterious woman with full-length leather black gloves has poisoned me. Thinking about her is like asking for an instant fever. The fact that meeting someone for less than five minutes can physically affect my body for days afterwards is so foreign to me. One of a kind...
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I've got a new server. I've got 500Mb of webspace, 20Gb of monthly traffic, 100 email addresses. Let me know if you want me to host your weblog or Leonardo DiCaprio fan page.

I am now hosting NOLADIY.ORG, so stay tuned for exciting developments on that end.

What else? I don't know. I've got a kitten with prehensile paws. She picks things up with her three-toed front feet (usually cats have four toes) and carries them around. She eats by reaching into the bowl and grabbing a piece of food and eating it with her "hands.: Seriously, I think I have a super-cat. She is obviously a mutant, and she might as well be the harbinger of the race of cats that will rule the world of cats from now on. She is also stronger and faster than my other cat that is three years her senior. I also caught her doing my Spanish homework, so she is definately multi-lingual. Muy peligroso...

I never went to try out for the porno.
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