Nothing like two new 21" LCD monitors sitting on your desk when you get to work in the morning. Makes writing code for several hours a day a little more bearable. A couple months ago, I was complaining about not having a view, all I could see was my cubicle wall....blah, blah, blah. These monitors are so big that I can't see my cubicle walls any more. Problem solved.

The Trashies had a good show on Friday with the Murder Band. We played our new songs, even though I think they could be "better realized." Who cares, it was fucking great. One song is like a brooding rock jam, Hazard County Girls style. The other song is the Trashies tribute to the Velvet Underground. It's not really a song right now, but more of a climaxing segue. Right now it is just segueing into the part where we walk off the stage, but whatever.

I've got 24 hours to finish a project that I haven't really started. Wish me luck.
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The old Volvo 940 Turbo has been taking some hits lately. There was the hit-and-run in October that put her in the body shop for a month. There was the assault by a humongo-cab van while she was parked off the road. Finally, last night her window was busted and my $450 stereo was taken. C'est la vie...

I really glad that they didn't take:

1. My iPod
2. Any of my CDs
3. My Zack Morris style brick phone
4. The box of Cheez-Its in the back seat. Get your own box, bitch!

However, they did have the schmegma to open my glove compartment, and steal the little plastic holder for the detachable face. At that point, when I reached over and saw that that worthless accessory was missing as well, only then did I scream out, "Noooooooo!" I mean, the idea is that you get the detachable face to take it off at night so people WONT steal the stereo. The thieves recognize this simple fact and take care to also retrieve the protective casing that is always lovingly included.

I wonder if the thief reads my weblog? Maybe he will see this post and secrectly reinstall the stereo under the New Orleans moon's watchful eye. He will also leave appropriate compensation for the broken window. Then he will ring the door bell and run away into the night, leaving only a carefully wrapped package containing the face holder, the remote control, and a thoughtfully crafted mix CD. The first track will be OutKast's "Mrs. Jackson." I will open the door in my bath robe, but wait! The bath robe isn't tied all the way, and it looks like it might slip open! I bend over to pick up the gift and realizing who it's from, open the card right there, exitedly. I can't post the contents of the card here, but rest assured, it was very touching. I look out into the darkness and for a second I think I see the thief in the shadows. Then I realize it is the thief, and he is breaking into my neighboor's car. I shake my head and say to myself, "That thief!"

Then a gust of wind blows my bathrobe completely off. That's where the dream always ends.
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Last night around 4 AM, I woke up from my sleep into the worst feeling I have ever had in my life.

I was staring at the ceiling for few seconds before it happened. Then something grabbed me. I felt my arms pinned against my body, a noose choking me, and a weight upon my chest that kept me from breathing. My eyes were the only thing that could move and they searched the room in vain. The feeling of helplessness was so complete that I did not panic, but I was more curious than afraid. I looked back up at the cold darkness and thought that I was staring at death.

Then it released me. My heart was still beating harder than I have ever felt it beat.
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Ahh, yes. I knew being very tall would pay off some day. Maybe I should put up a PayPal link?

I think I called everyone in my cell phone that lives in New Orleans and no one picked up. I am pretty much the only person at work today (Fridays are usually pretty slow) and I just wanted to go out to eat. So if I tried to call you and you didn't pick up, you missed out.

One of my roommates invited the band that we went to see last night to sleep at our house. (whatever...they were cool) Then she invited these coke heads from LA to sleep at our house. (they were not cool) She asked me to wait around so they could follow us home. They followed us home and then she suggested they all go out and get wasted before coming back at 4am and waking everyone else up. When I woke up this morning, our front door was WIDE OPEN and the coke heads were gone. Akimbo was still there (sleeping/passed out). Akimbo is this awesome hardcore band from Seattle who did an improv "War Pigs" while the guitarist changed a string.

The Trashies have a show with the Murder Band on October 25 at the Hi-Ho. Blood will be spilt, limbs will be severed, and angels will weep. Two bands will play, but only one will leave...
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Today I walked into work and my fly was down. I laughed out loud and zipped it up. Then I continued my work day, unabashedly. Now I sit here reflecting on things that would be really embarassing. I made a list:

- Coming to work drunk

And that's all I could come up with.

Sometimes I look down at my forearms and they look really small. Then I realize that I have really long arms and that my forearms are probably just far away at this moment. I bring them up to my face but they get big so fast that I get a little freaked out. But you can't run away from your own arms, so I just have to face my fear.

Watch out. Kwanza is coming early this year. You won't have time to cook a traditional Afrikaan dinner in your kitchen where either the fridge or the oven can be open, but not both. Not this time. Baby, you won't even have time to brush up on the "Kwanza Story" from the Curtis comic in the newspaper. Oh no. Your distant relatives in Lafayette, Louisiana won't even be thinking about Kwanza when he arrives in Atlanta early this year. When Kwanza comes down in his winged chariot of titanium, you'd best be ready for him. Don't say I didn't tell you...
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The best way to deal with insane people is to act like you are more insane than they are. Then YOU have got the upper hand!

As far as this Friday night goes, I know where I'll be:

10.10.03 - Banks Street Warehouse - 7pm
Sainte Catherines | One Way | The Trashies | The Jolly Pockets
INTERNATIONAL PUNK ROCK. SCs are DIY punk rock from Montreal. One Way is two man punk rock from ISRAEL. The Trashies are garage rock n' roll that will never die. After going through several member changes as The Blush, they resurfaced as The Trashies, lost their drummer, then shrewdly replaced him with webmaster Gunthrie Manthey. Whoa.

The Banks Street warehouse is Bryan's new "venue" (read: punk rock fortress) and is located at 4820 Banks St., down the street from Jesuits, my old high school. Going back to the old school, cuz I'm an old fool, who is so cool...

Whomp, there it is. Who is gonna be there? Abby Gibson? check. Abe Greenstein? check. George Clooney? check. Michael Jordan? couldn't make it, but he sends his love. Gunthrie Manthey? Whoa.
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