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Mac/Apple people crack me up on a daily basis. Being an owner of some hardware (including my beloved 10 gb iPod), I naturally take some interest in what's new in the product line. As you may know, approximately 79% of Mac owners are extremely obsessive about having and/or lusting over the newest thing that Steve Jobs introduces on a semi-regular basis. That in itself isn't that funny, because any geek is in the same situation. We always want the newest stuff the day that it comes out. The month before if possible.

The funny part is the creation of Mac "rumor sites." These sites are literally a bunch of wannabee geeks who sit on the discussion forums for 12 hours a day and speculate about what's coming out next week. Except they don't sound like they are speculating. They sound like crazy street-corner prophets who are foretelling the second coming of Christ. One of the following quotes is fabricated:

"I predict that we will see 19-inch iMacs at the next convention."
"We are going to see 80 Gb iPods with color screens and cell phone/PDA functionality built in."
"The new Powerbooks will be made of anti-matter and have wireless electricity."
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