Hello. If you are this woman, will you marry me?
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It takes a special type of person to get personalized license plates. I suppose they fall into three rough categories of lameness:

1. Those with a talent for stating the obvious - There is a new Hummer on my block with plates that boldly repeat the name of the car. "HUMMER" Wh00t. I stole a look at a BMW driver the other whose plates read "BMW M3." Oddly enough, the car in question was the M3 model. Wh00t wh00t!

2. The Self Complimentary - These are the same people who wear t-shirts that declare their qualities in glitter and puff-paint writing. Examples include, "SEXY", "WINNER", "MUSLMAN", "FAGTOST", "WANNABE" and many, many, many more. I made all of those up, but you know they exist. They are out there.

3. The Competitive - If they ever induct a new state into the union, I will bet that there is some bible thumper that is going to go register their car there just so they can get the "JESUS" plate. Damn, there must be alot of competition for that one. I think that qualifies as a mention in the church bulletin at least...

However, a previous vanity plate owner could negate their prior stint with lameness, and repay their debt to society by asking for a random license plate CES432) and getting that personalized.
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Hey guess what? I just "discovered" that I can save money by not spending $150 a month on music and DVDs. I can download full albums and movies from the internet and record them onto blank CDs and DVDs. I guess I am a little behind the times on this one, but I was hung up on the ethics of the situation for a while. I suppose I just got a little annoyed when I stopped by Virgin Megacorp last night and the two CDs that I wanted were $18.99 apiece. Ahem...$40+ for two albums.

So I put on my anarchy face and walked out. My anti-establishment fire wasn't quenched until I pulled two freshly burned discs from my 32x and scrawled the album titles on the top with my sharpie. Their surfaces were still warm as I introduced them to my stereo, and within 10 minutes of starting the downloads, I had perfect digital copies of these $20 albums. I even ended up getting a few more (including the new Hot Snakes, which Virgin didn't have), that were probably a bit closer to my new acceptable buying range of $14 or less, but were still there for the taking. Being a chile of the Church of Instant Gratification has its perks.

My shoulder/back muscles are starting to look a bit more prominent. Ever since I realized that I have the posture of an 80 year old whore, I've been taking measures to make sure that I don't end up with a fucked up back and neck. Being unnecessarily tall lends itself to various spinal injuries (my family is a good example), so I figure I might as well nip it in the bud. Hopefully this step towards increasing my general health will also increase my general attractiveness to the opposite sex. Females that is...

Speaking of which, Hurricane Isidore was not female. I've never met a man named Isidore, but I suppose I've never met a man named Gustave either. By the way, severe storms are always a great excuse for being antisocial...
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I visited Meg in Athens this weekend. A much needed break. Broke my concentration, broke the cloud hanging over my head, broke a smile when I got to see some good rocknroll last night. I'm pretty jealous of all the shows that are playing there this next week, Azure Ray, Spoon, etc.

I'm ready for a big looks like one I'll have to put in motion. It had been so long since I have gone to good shows. Last night and at the Sparta show last week, I just wanted to dance around with my fist in the air, because that is how I felt. It's time to reinvent Axl Rose.

Hmm...lookie here. I guess it can only be so long that you can read people's weblogs before they start talking shit (albeit indirectly) about you. Wherefore art thou, broken boy?
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There must be some mistake. The IRS just sent me a very nice refund check for whatever reason. Apparently my first attempt at calculating my own taxes was pretty far off the mark. I'm going to do this every year, just so that I will feel rich after dreading paying the government for so long.

My new laptop, while being a particularly powerful piece of computer equipment, also happens to be a rather addictive drug.
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I decided to take an extended bike ride today since the weather looked nice enough. Surprisingly, just as I turned around (about 8 miles from home) it starts pouring ass. Since there really ain't many places to take shelter on the Lake Ponchartrain levy I just went ahead a rode it out. Unfortunately, it wasn't one of those "Oh I am so liberated and uninhibited, I am riding in the rain and I love life!" experiences. I started getting pissed off at each individual drop that blurred my vision. I became angry with my own hair because it is too long and it doesn't stay out of my eyes when it is wet. Inevitably, I started feeling sorry for myself because I drew a parallel between the crappy weather and a certain recent break-up, blah blah my life is shit. So I started crying on my bike in the rain, which is alot harder to do than you might think. I am home and soaked. Now I think I am going to be wet for days.

The registration for expires today, so the site might be down for a while I deal with that issue. Also, I updated the local shows section.

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I feel a kind of gentle violence ebbing and flowing within myself. I want to talk to everyone and no one at the same time. I would be a walking contradiction if I felt like walking.

I wish someone would hug me, buy me a drink, and punch me in the face all at the same time.
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Jonathan Lorino was murdered this afternoon. He was a person that I never knew extremely well, but I did know him to be witty and intelligent. He was one of the few openly gay students at my all male Catholic high school, which made him pretty unpopular by default (imagine hundreds of homophobic and testosterone charged Christians). This last fact was the reason why I respected him so much. He put up with an incredible amount of hatred and adversity, but still managed to keep a smile on his face.

As news of his death spreads through the campus and the city, I can't help but mourn. But I am not crying. I don't know if it is anger or numbness; Jonathan is the FOURTH of my classmates to die in the last three months. This is surreal. It is scary. I feel an urgent need to call every guy from the Jesuit Class of '99, just to have a cup of coffee or something mundane. Life is short. I have to hurry before everyone I know from high school is dead.
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I am posting from my sexy new notebook from a wireless card while running across a quad at Tulane. Computing on the Go! Geek-chic...

Well, it looks like my website was down for about two weeks, from looking at my visitor stats. I was pretty busy, as is everyone else in the world right now, so I never bothered to find out what went wrong. Apparently now it is back up, and there was much laughing and dancing.

I have some new stuff planned for you, gentle readers. My first website "project" in a year is finished, and I have created my own Blogger-like interface/program that I will start giving away. To you, the hoi polloi.


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