Didn't know what time is was, and the lights were low. I leaned back on my radio. Some cat was laying down some rock'n'roll, "lotta soul", he said.

Then the loud sound did seem to fade. Came back like a slow voice on a wave of phase. That weren't no DJ, that was hazy cosmic jive.

I redesigned. No content change, just moving things around a bit, thanks to CSS.
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Yesterday, another one of my Jesuit brothers, Wally Pontiff, died in his sleep. I was never more than acquaintances with him, but as everyone in New Orleans knows he was a class act, all around great guy. When I was going through my rebellious teenager phase, he embodied the untouchably cool jock stereotype. However, he was different, somehow. He talked to you like a buddy, he looked you in the eye, and he at least pretended to be interested. He would go out of his way for you.

I just remembered something. During my freshman year of high school, I caught a ride with a friend to a football game after party...there was a KEG. Holy crap! Anyway, I was feeling pretty proud of myself, being at a party and all. However, getting home was turning out to be a problem around 1am, especially since I didn't drive yet. Wally somehow sensed this and offered me a ride home. Five minutes into the drive, he asked me if I like Nine Inch Nails, since he had seen the logo on my bookbag at school. I replied yes, and with that he pulled the car, went in the back seat, and produced The Downward Spiral. I laughed out loud then, and I'm smiling now.

A life cut short for whatever reason. No reason. Maybe he was just too fucking special to live on earth. But even though it is so depressing to think about it, I know that he lived the days of his life to the fullest. He touched so many people. You can't help but feel good when you think of him like that
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My latest web opus has quietly been introduced to the net during the night. Go ahead. Get stoned and "light" the candles.

I'm also on a David Bowie kick right now. For some unknown reason, I've never bought Ziggy Stardust and worse yet, I didn't know who was responsible for all those amazing songs. It's like I've been reunited with a long lost, never known brother. I think there should be a one day class in college to review all the music that you should've at least heard by the time you matriculate. I would be embarassed, but I am too busy singing along.

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Well...Melissa has a new boyfriend. His name is Samsung. I must admit, he is very svelte and resourceful. However, I don't understand how he came in between our relationship so quickly. Perhaps it is attractive looks, or the fact that he knows what she is typin...I mean, saying before she says it. Perhaps it is his extensive assortment of unique and pleasant ringtones.

All I'm saying is that Samsung better watch his back, if you know what I'm saying. Better sleep with one eye open, if you know what I'm saying...and I think you do. He better sleep with his pants on, if you get my drift. 'Cause we're going to the mattresses, baby...this is war.
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So I have just a copy of one of the first webpages that I ever worked on. It is the homework page for my Biology AP class of 1998-1999. Not exciting stuff by any means, but its more for myself than any of you folks. Posterity and shit.

Tomorrow I leave for DC and Maryland and Virginia and New York and North Carolina to visit Melissa. I'll be gone for a week. La.
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