Oh yeah...about the new look. I wanted to just put up what I had so I can continue blogging. I don't like the design all that much. I have an emergency e-commerce freelance job due next friday so I am going to be working non-stop on that. After I finish that, I can make some new graphics and finish the good layout that I am working on. But redesigns are fun. If anyone wants this one, you can have it...I'll even make new graphics and host your site. If any of you blogspot kids want a real domain name ( , or an alias of (like, you can talk to the hand.
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I had an hour to kill on campus today, so I decided to take advantage of the nice weather (smirk) and soak up some sun (alliteration) on the Mayer Quad. It was actually pretty nice because the ground itself was pretty warm. Furthermore, this particular quad has little foothills at two of the corners (I don't know why), and they sheilded me from some of the wind.

I was just about to settle into a nice relaxing nap in public, when I am attacked by a rabid dog. At least that is what I thought at first, I wasn't sure what to think...something kicked me in the head and was now scrambling on me. I sat up as much as I could, only to be greeted with an OshKosh B'Gosh clad butt lying prone on top of me. What happened is this little kid's mom took him to play on the grass, but since he is like 2 feet tall and I am 1 foot tall (when lying down), he couldn't see over the foothill and basically just ran over me. Even though he trampled me and he didn't know any English (although I got a nice Italian apology and hug from his mom), he was pretty cool. We sword fought with dead branches and then I gave him a ride on my shoulders.
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Dude...check it out. A bunch of people that I haven't seen in a long time. I miss them all. Funny thing is...that post was for Caroline, who I haven't seen in a really long time. Except Ben and Justin, I don't even know how to get in touch with most of these kids because they are in fucking Europe. Fuck Europe.

I am strumming Missy's guitar right now. I am looking at a CD on my desk that Chris probably burned at one time or another. I am looking at a picture of when Abby and I dropped Ben's computer off the fourth floor of Phelps Hall. I am looking at that picture that I just linked and wondering...what exactly is Scott chewing?
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If you are reading this, then you are bearing witness to a design in progress. Either you have a page other than the home page bookmarked, or you got here by some other method. Anyway, this is just text to text the blogger template. This is a short post, soon to be followed by a longer post that will make no sense at all. These posts will be soon deleted after the redesign is completed.

On second thought, I will just leave this up.
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Melissa and I went to the zoo today. I took a bunch of pictures, so I put a few of them online. The picture of the leopard is my favorite.

(Sidenote: If you happen to look at the page, and are a web nerd, notice the underlying code is pure CSS. I'm making some good progress on a new look/feel for the site, and this is an early prototype of some things you may see. I am experimenting with session variables and cookies, that will allow me to use "collapsible" menus and layers without bothering with any client side scripting. Does a site of this size need a customizable interface? No...but it will look cool, and that is what matters.)

After we went to the zoo, we indulged in a rare trip (together) to the campus cafeteria, Bruff Commons. I fondled an empty ice cream cone as we walked out of the building, and after one nasty bite, decided to toss the cone in a nearby trash receptable. However, apparently Melissa was still hongry, because she quickly fished the cone out of the overflowing can and started eating it. I almost carried on in silence, as is my way, but this was too curious to ignore.

Me: Melissa, why did you just eat that ice cream cone after I threw it in the trash?
Melissa: Ewww! It was in the trash?!? Why did you let me do that?

I love this girl...
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Man...times are tough. It's so frustrating to go from making $35+ an hour and working from home to...anything less. When I think about my future career choices, I just want to curl up in a tight, apathetic ball and go to sleep. I need a good slap of reality, and a part-time job. As my last freelance job ends, I wish I could just go work at Burger King or something so that I could experience a well-oiled corporate machine's routine and efficiency for a while. No challenge, no change, no money. Perhaps I just need to let these resumes incubate for a little bit. Speaking of which, I should be updating my online version. Maybe the urge to create will strike soon...
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Here's my valentine!
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So! I am all about this whole "see Trey and give him a hug" phenomenon. It is not dumpin'. However, it is ruining my reputation around campus of a depressed Goth viking. Goths don't get hugged! And you KNOW what a viking would do if he ever got a hug...but that doesn't mean that you should stop.

Tomorrow is Melissa's birthday. She is my wonderful and beautiful girlfriend, and I love her. If you haven't gotten her anything, just click on all the links below.

Melissa Melissa Melissa Melissa Melissa Melissa Melissa Melissa Melissa Melissa Melissa Melissa Melissa Melissa

I had a dream that I went back in time and Jesus shoved me back.
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I just turned on the TV to a random channel. I see Dick Clark, some older red headed dude, and the guy who played Slater on Saved by the Bell. This uncommon trio is dispensing relationship advice to an audience of overstimulated ladies. I think they are supposed to appeal to any age demographic of females, or something.
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While strolling in the blustery New Orleans rain just a few minutes ago, I saw a used rubber glove laying in a puddle. It reminded me of a particularly disturbing scene that I witnessed this summer in San Francisco. (flashback animation)

Well, it only rained two days the entire summer, and this was one of those days. I worked at a store in North Beach and would walk to Chinatown everyday to get to my bus stop on Stockton St. While I was waiting, I saw a young Asian boy crouching over the curb with something in his hands. Upon closer inspection, I noticed it was a used condom, covered in dirt and god(and you)knowswhatelse and he had his mouth up to the opening and was spitting into it and sucking it all back into his mouth. Holy shit. Initial shock fading, I took action.

After scolding him for a few seconds, I realized he spoke no English and was staring at me blankly. I looked around for his mother or any potential no avail. Finally, I tried brute force, but he simply moved the item in question away from my repulsed fingers. Suddenly, I had a stroke of genius, and offered him the dollar that I was going to use for the bus. He understood this and replaced the soggy bill in my hand with the amazing phallic balloon that he had found. Eww. Fortunately, I had averted a minor atrocity. (I think) Unfortunately, I was now holding a used condom and needed bus fare. (reverse flashback animation)

I retrospect, I think that the whole thing might have been a really perverted scam.
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Bloggers Against Baby-Blogging, Yomomma! - New Orleans (BABY-NO)

United we stand under this well-formed acronym.

In my neighborhood, babies had to learn how to fight early on or they would get their asses kicked by the other babies in the ghett-o....
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I was just enjoying some milk and cookies when my bird flew onto my head. She scuttled around a little bit before slipping off my head into my glass of milk. Milky bird!
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