Shower...check. Shave...check. Nap...still working on that.

Today was one of those days. Had a test (easy) and a program (not so easy) due, and I am dead broke (hopefully temporarily). I also happened to see everyone I know at Tulane during the two hours that I was on campus. After I left campus, I went to one of my client's and they were having a funeral wake. So I walk into the office expecting to lose myself in work, but I have to be introduced to all these rich people who are all really clean and in black clothes, while I am in a tee shirt & sandals, looking all scruffy (and not smelling so fresh). I felt like the biggest piece of disrespectful shit in the world.

Yeah, I was feeling grodie, until I ran into wodie. This girl is bomb and she gave me a hug, which I really needed. If you read any two weblogs, you should read hers and Melissa's. She (Melissa) comes and hangs out at my house, even though she is allergic to my cat. We are going to rent a movie tonight and make Rotel. And make fun of my dad. I think Melissa should make fun of my dad on her weblog.
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So I am up late studying, bro, for Operating Systems. I have Rotel dip to comfort me. Lot's of stuff...

I got confirmation today that I will receive a full scholarship. Hmm...which means that I don't have to give Tulane ANY money next year. Which is good news because...

Tuition is due tomorrow. I'll be cutting a fat check to buy Scotty Cowen a wet bar for his mansion on St. Charles. If you see me walking out of Bruff tomorrow around 2:30, you'll know I just did the deed.

Upright Citizen's Brigade is obviously the pinnacle of sketch comedy. If you have never seen it, I will make a tape/DVD for you...

The new Nine Inch Nails DVD/CD is pretty bomb. If you wanna see me sweaty and angry, I am in Gave Up, about half-way through. Very similiar shot to this one. Can you spot me?

I had a dream that I went back in time and shoved Jesus.
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I had a dream that I went to Old Metairie to get a haircut. I was driving my old 86 Suburban and I parked in a church lot. My hairdresserlady was nice and I liked my hair alot afterwards, except I forgot to look at the back before I left. When I got home, I saw that she had given me a medieval bard's bowl cut and that I looked dumb. So I went back to the place at midnight, but all the employees were making mixed drinks in those huge glasses full of blue liquid that they put their combs and shit in. They wouldn't let me in.

I started walking back to my truck, but these three punk kids jumped me. I was holding the materials for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on a silver platter, and I asked it I could set that down before they kicked my ass. They all had skateboards, and I thought they were going to beat me with them "KIDS" style. But I gave them the no bro. I started beating them up, but not hurting them. I wanted to make them do cheerleader's formations, with me as the base. I woke up just as we had made an inverted human pyramid.
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Repost of January 27th... internet connection is FUBAR, and has been for almost a week, so send any mail to Blogger seems to be screwed up to so I am doing this post by hand. Brah.

Happy Birthday Sonia.

Need help getting pumped up for a date?
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Since I have experienced this particular phenomenon first hand, I would like to comment on its quality. First of all, whatareyouthinking? is a fine question. When used properly, I think it can provide an opportunity for a friend/relative/lover to share things that they would normally not have the courage to utter. The query serves as a signal, acknowledging that the asker is ready for information, whether it be silly or grave, good or bad. However, asking a person what they are thinking is basically asking permission into their inner sanctum of thought, and granting this permission is not a trivial act. Admittedly, no one is constantly thinking of huge secrets or bursting with an incredible idea. Most of the time, we are consumed with the dullest thoughts that nobody ever shares...

"There are bits of food on my keyboard."
"I want to read people's websites instead of doing something useful."
"My ass itches."

...and maybe we are just a tad embarrassed. The simple act of asking such a question is the equivalent of a suspicious parent bursting into your room (if your brain is your room) in your teenage years, and screaming, "WHAT'S GOING ON IN HERE?!?" Not only are you startled, forgetting what you are doing in the first place, but also a tad annoyed with their intrusion. Therefore, any would-be thought seekers should follow my suggestions.

1) Use in moderation. As with almost anything. Otherwise, it will grow tiresome quickly.
2) Whisper. More intimate, unobtrusive, good.
3) A Comfortable Silence, is not the loftiest of goals, but if you get bored, bring something up yourself instead of trying to initiate a flaccid conversation with this question.
4) You asked for it. You wanted to know, so don't be judgmental when you get the answer. It took me a while to get used to answering this question, and there were only a few times when I felt like I said something worthwhile.
5) "Nothing." Should be an acceptable response. Thanks for stopping by, but please return during our normal hours of operation.
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Driving is just a well controlled crash. Everytime you get in your vehicle and you initiate movement, you are speeding/inching towards an inevitable collision. The standard comparison is the blood stream: all the cars are red blood cells and the roads and highways are the arteries and veins. I guess the cardiac organ is home. The limbs are the places people drive (work, school, the mall). When you get in an accident, you have been bled from the body of life. You can't get back in. The RBCs all are constantly colliding with each other, unlike driving (for the most part).

As far as trying to control this can't do it forever. We drive, stop, go, stop, GO! It is not natural that all the objects are zooming around and they never run into each other. We carry around miniature colliders with us so we can press our feet against them and make the car come to a comfortable and aching stand... .still. Like a yawn that you can't finish. When we get in an accident, we say "How could this happen to me?" like you didn't see it coming or something. It's such a random system, all these people who are usually annoyed on the expressway @ 70+ mph with the power to kill. I can't believe it works. So I guess all I am saying is that we should just crash our cars. Into small stuff, like special mounds made out of silly putty that are created for the purpose.

I'm going on a bike ride.

I'm not even going to read what I just wrote, I'm just going to post it.
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The sky looks beautiful on fire. If you were in New Orleans right now, you'd know what I was talking about.
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A few minutes ago, I had my crappy practice amp cranked all the way up and I was playing Stooges songs to ease the pain that is inherent to this plane of New Orleans existence. This Johnny Thunders killin' city where I live. Anyway, I was well into "Search and Destroy" when I saw a hand beating on the window of my room. I open the door to find a middle ageish woman who is smiling but looks a little annoyed. She is my neighbor.

"Hey! Trey, right? Well, I just wanted to stop by and say hi, and ask if you could turn it down a little. My girls are taking a nap."
(embarassed, amp squealing) "Oh...yeah. Sorry Mrs. J****. Just practicing."
"Well you are doing great. I'm an Iggy Pop fan myself, but just turn it down a bit..."

Apologies and farewells ensued. She is going to be a cool Mom. Everyone my age has parents that listened to the Beatles and maybe the Stones; that is pretty much expected. Wouldn't it be awesome to have parents that fed you a steady diet of rocknroll while you were growing up?

My first exposure to music was the LPs that my parents bought before they had kids and my mom's old record collection. Mostly musicals, Carol King type stuff, and the Beatles. They bought me Thriller when I was 3 because I guess I was into that. I used to open up the gatefold and look at Jacko on his backo in a white leisure suit with all these baby tigers hanging off him. I wanted baby tigers and a white leisure suit, because that was the coolest thing I had ever seen. We have home video of me dancing to that record (Billie Jean) when I was a kid. Good stuff.

I got a clock radio for my birthday when I was eight-ish, so I started listening to Top 40 crap (Paula Abdul, Mariah Carey). We got cable when I was 10, introducing me to MTV crap (actually it wasn't so bad at this time). Nevertheless, I call this the "dark period."

Then my dad bought me a Doors tape at a garage sale, and I played that every morning on the carpool to school. I was 11, and a worshiper of grunge rock. I considered the Doors to be "classic rock," but I liked that tape alot. My first CD was Pearl Jam's VS. My first concert was Bush. I didn't go to a punk show until I was 16. I had never heard of Iggy Pop until I read about him in a zine - cutting himself up on stage and rolling around in glass - until I was 17. There isn't too much encouragement in the modern education system to pursue rock n' roll as a career choice; kids these days just need guidance. Support your local music scene, take your kid sister to a show, take your kids to their first concert.
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My little sister Meg just left to go back to college. When she drove away, I started missing her, so I picked up a Christmas tree that was on the side of the road and ran after the car, waving the tree in the crisp morning air.
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I decided to put the little show info box back up. Not the most comprehensive guide to New Orleans music; just a selection of the shows that I will be attending. If you care to look, it is on the right side of the page at the bottom. Yay.

I took down the splash page I had up while I was on vacation. If you look at it, make sure you turn your speakers on or you'll miss the cool part.
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The only thing more maddening that not having any ideas is having too many ideas. It's exhilarating as fuck, but where to start?

So maybe I am just a hack or boring or inexperienced, but until now, every form this site has ever taken has been inspired to some extent by the music that I was listening to at the time. More specifically, the new music that I recently "discovered" took a form in my head that I was able to recreate with my limited artistic skills. I guess I could just show you:

Design #1 - gone for good, but if you remember it, it was Massive Attack
Design #2 - At the Drive In (duh)
Design #3 - godspeed you black emperor! - probably my all time favorite, but a bit depressing even for me. I like the transparent grid look so much that I created...
Design #4 - Modest Mouse - yayhappyspringtime. After less than a month of the last one, I had to switch to this beautiful blue baby to please potential employers. Yeah, I was suckin dicks for the man, but it was for health reasons.
Design #5 - never saw the light, but it was totally Murder City Devils. Rock n roll. Empty bottles and broken hearts. Broken bottles and empty hearts. Whatever it was, it was a load of DHTML/CSS crap that I couldn't finish debugging before the summer. When I got back from Cali, I didn't like it anymore.

Now for the first time, I am inspired by my own life to design. My own boring life. Maybe the content is boring here, but my ideas aren't. I just have to pick one, you know, and roll with it. We'll see if my design chops are up to snuff anymore.
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