I bought a bird today, a baby cockatiel. I will have some pictures up in a couple hours. It is sitting on my shoulder right now, quite content.

I need to finish some web work that I have been procrastinating.

I saw the Faint about a week ago. Download Agenda Suicide for some very danceable new wave mod rock. I can also recommend their latest album, Danse Macabre.
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I think that anesthetic is a cop-out. We go through life always trying to advance pleasure and avoid pain. With pleasure, most people don't hesitate to experience it in lumps, yet couldn't bear the equivalent amount of pain. Is this arrogance? Does this upset the balance of a body's equilibrium? Are we becoming too accustomed to live without any pain? I believe that this race can survive without pleasure; pain is what reminds us to live.

Nevertheless, if you need to get stiches, and you opt out of anesthetic, know that they really fucking hurt.
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I constructed a little fountain for my desk. The gurgling is not as soothing as I had hoped. But I put food coloring in the water, so I guess that is pretty cool. In other news:

Message read in my fortune cookie
"Never take yes for your answer"

I don't know how to feel about that one.
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Just a note to self and others:
As of today, I no longer design pages to look good in all browsers. Anything I make will look great in IE4+ or NS6+. If you have a non-standards compliant browser (especially NS4), you should try to upgrade. If you have a Mac or PC, I would suggest Internet Explorer 5.5. If you own a Unix/Linux/Sparc machine, try Netscape 6.1.
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Me: Well it won't be the first time that a song has been written about child abuse...
Miss E: What are you talking about?
Me: Cus they have that lyric, you know, "I'm shakin' a baby now...shakin' a baby....twist and shout..." and so on. It's disgusting really.
Miss E: know that the song is called Shake it up, baby, right?
Me: What? Really?

(later that week...Depeche Mode plays in background)

Miss M: I love this song!
Me: too...
Miss M: (sings along) "...surfing on a sea of truth...
Me: know that the song is called Policy of Truth, right?
Miss M: What? Really?
Me: Shake it up baby!
Miss M: SHUT UP!

Know of a common (or uncommon) lyrical misunderstanding? Have an embarassing karaoke story? Share with me (and the world). Send it on in! I will post it here for the world to laugh at. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Other than ending two sentences in a row with prepositions. Who ever sends in the best one will get a mix CD made by me with love, with a copy of the song you fucked up to remind you how not to sing along. Names will be changed to protect the ignorant.
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Those darn internet presales can be a blessing or a curse. Sometimes you just aren't able to sit at a computer and click refresh ad infinitum until Ticketmaster decides to throw you a bone. On the other hand, sometimes you can be just that obsessive about a concert. In this case, a blessing!

Two tickets, Tori Amos, Oct 30th, New Orleans, LA, 5th row, center, mine.
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I have been so distracted the last few days that I forgot to mention that this site is one year old. Thanks to everyone who has read it, and thought less of me afterwards. It is a labour de amor.

So my friend Justin's band, the bLush, played last night. They have this song that they play right before their bad covers of "TV Eye" and "20th Century Boy" where Justin puts down his guitar and picks up a mouth harp. I like to call it the Donkey Song since the harmonica part goes hee haw hee, hee haw hee haw hee hee...hee hee haw, hee haw hehaw hee hee heeeiiii. Actually I think those are the official lyrics.

I also got to see a bunch of people I haven't seen for a while. Scott and Missy were there as was Abe, who kicked me in the face.
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I'm sorry. I have no words.
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Favorite search engine hit of the day: "pics from man who always shirtless in music video."

Another Saturday night spent huddling up close with my hardware abstraction layer. Actually, I went to a pretty good show tonight, and took some pictures. I will have a review & some pictures up as soon as Windows 2000 recognizes my CD-RW.
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