Not too many so far, but I put up a few pictures of a lil' hike that I took with my uncle and Sonia before I left California.

Here they are...
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For everyone who still accesses this page through, please switch your bookmarks to I am not going to pay my domain renewal fees (I got those names as a promotional offer), so they will caput in about a month. On the bright side, you can then go register those domains and pretend to be me!

I am sitting at home right now, waiting for the UPS man to come. I am expecting my new 22" monitor any minute. I have officially upgraded to uber-geek status with a triple monitor setup. Additionally, I am planning a computer overhaul tonight/tomorrow, so if I don't show up 'round here for a while, you know I fucked up.
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Whoa, Nelly? Hmm...I guess this would be considered hip-hop (a genre which has never really ventured near my music collection, unless you count Rage Against the Machine). Nevertheless, I can't help but listen to her album, not to mention the single Turn Off the Light, on repeat. But that bird song pisses me off to no end.

Some might say that I am unbreakable in the Bruce Willis sense of the word, since I haven't been sick since my sophomore year of high school. I would rather be violently ill than have to deal with this half-sickness bullshit. I was so restless/lethargic last night that I didn't get in bed until 6am. Surprise! I missed my first class on the first day back to school. Not to mention I am having to deal with the issue of on campus parking now, as well as the crappy ass weather. I don't recognize anyone on campus. I have no friends. In summary, I am feeling like an old man.

But Melissa is pretty cool.
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You know what really pisses me off? When the Toadies break up...
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A Napster replacement that I have had pretty positive results with -- WinMX. Go download a song from Ash's new(ish) album, Free All Angels. It will be ok, because the album was only released in Europe and it rocks.

A message from our dedicated sponsor:

The GOW Martial Arts Academy has been shutdown. I would like to personally thank all the people who hung around outside, drinking and doing drugs, making noise, and leaving their trash in the street. Thank you for getting ANOTHER all ages DIY venue closed. Thank you for making it that much harder to have a place for touring bands and local bands to play. Thanks for making it that much harder to get any closer to having a strong scene. Thanks for being selfish and ruining things for the rest of us.

Bryan Funck
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Can't sleep for good reasons. Anyway, I am listening to a new album that is making me happy. Christian hardcore never sounded so good. I am also very excited about a number of shows coming up. What the hell, I'll list them for you. Most of them were found on the fantastic One Eye Productions page.

1. Headpro | Ginger Quail | Searching for Chin
Monday, August 27th
The first two bands are from my salad days of punk rock. Located at a new all-ages venue: The GOW Martial Arts Academy is located at 4510 Freret St. 70115 Uptown. It's between Napoleon and Jefferson.

2. Ex-Girl | Supreme Dispassion
Sunday, September 9. Shim Sham.

3. White Stripes
Monday, September 17. Shim Sham.

4. Pedro the Lion
Saturday, September 22. Howlin Wolf.

5. Flickerstick
Thursday, October 4. Howlin Wolf.
If you go to this show, please heckle the fuck out of Flickerstick. But I recommend you don't go since...

6. Zeke | Toilet Boys | Black Halos
Thursday, October 4. Mermaid Lounge.
If you like rock n' roll, metal, or punk this show has everything to offer you. I had to wipe myself off after I saw this listing.

7. Tool
Saturday, October 27. Voodoo Fest.
Saw this man-loving prog-metal unit in San Francisco a few weeks ago. Rock. I hope you like Southern redneck shit heads who will show up en masse.

8. Tori Amos
Tuesday, October 30. Orpheum Theatre
What can I say? I'm a big fucking Tori-loving pansy.

9. Fantomas
?, ?/?. ?
Where are you Fantomas? Why have you neglected us for so long?
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I am cleaning out my room at home and I am not able to get anything packed because I keep running into one pile or another of memorabilia/crap that I have to look through. I found a journal that I kept until about a year and a half ago. Excerpt from 5/31/95:

"I don't have a significant other as of now, but I intend to 'acquire' one...(skip paragraphs)...Back to my life, however, I want to have a girlfriend and go out but the chances I had, I blow off. But this year at camp looks hopeful. I don't have my eye on anyone in particular."

That was just too funny/scary not to share. Yeah, I actually put quotes around the word "acquire." Furthermore, I just wasted 45 minutes looking at all these digital pictures from my Biology AP class in high school. Here is one, but neither of these people are me.

Jonathan Hijuelos & Stephen for larger

Oh, here is another good one.

A group shot of the nerds. I'm in the back to the right, since my excessive tallness prohibited any frontal views of my body.
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Hello again.

So much has happened since I laid my sweet guitar down by the fire. Just a few nuggets of San Francisco...

Well, Abby stopped by one of my place(s) of work for like five minutes. Never saw her again. I have since taken my party pants off and stowed them neatly in a bottom drawer.

I saw a band. I am about to start working on this, but I just finished this, and will be working on this site.
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