5.21.2001 San Francisco, having great time, looking for job. Gotta run. I'll have my computer in a few days.
-(Malicious) Trey
Haha. Fierce Beast here. If you're ever in San Francisco, I recommend the urinals in the men's bathroom at The Top. Here's a piece of advice: don't dance with the creepy guy who follows women into the bathroom. Oh, I am so full of valuable advice. If you want to have a drink bought for you, just ask an unsuspecting victim "How much do the drinks cost?". Yes, even if they are posted in neon lights above the bar. Did you know that Anthony Kiedis has a girlfriend named Yohana? That pisses me off. One day when I'm Owner of the World, I will forbid that relationship.
Goodbye, and always remember that "boredom is the biggest disease in the whole world, darling".
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This is the point where I say something foreshadowing and cryptic about the state of my life on my personal website. These are the phrases I am thinking about replacing this here page with:

"Changes are brewing..."
"Winds are shifting..."
"The Moon has now eclipsed the Sun..."
"I farted."

Actually, I am just moving to California on Wednesday. I have to pack up Le Beastie and ship it out tomorrow. A week without my computer...oich. I managed to pick out the two-hundred CDs that I am allowed to bring with me. Now a good 1/3rd of my collection (the best of the best) is neatly packaged in my new canvas CD binder. And I'll probably just end up listening to the Pixies all summer. I just realized that I don't need any keys in San Francisco. The new TOOL album comes out tomorrow, and I am dedicating 80 minutes of headphone time to it. Most exciting CD release for me since The Fragile. The Dismemberment Plan is playing at the Howlin Wolf tomorrow. Keyboard destruction in the vein of Nine Inch Nails (at least last time). This is text is not meant to be read. It is placed here to demonstrate the layout of the page.

Please send me your predictions for how long it will take before I try to start checking my email with the microwave. You can reach me at
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Stick the proverbial fork in me.
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There is a broken umbrella on the arcade that wraps around my building.
It lays outside my window peacefully, until the wind gusts once in a while.
Then it slams against the bars of the railing like a wrongfully detained prisoner, desperation and madness punctuating spells of contemplation.
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I was an inquiring and exploring child. Since my dad is a bit of a garage sale nut, our family always had an overstock of completely useless crap that accumulated in the garage (my future bedroom). One of my favorite pasttimes was sitting in the garage for hours, taking apart all the electronics and putting them back together. I would make neat little piles of all the screws and try to remember where all the parts went after I reached the heart of the device and went "Huh!" However, if I couldn't get it all back together, I would take it all up onto the roof and smash it all to bits on the sidewalk like a normal child.
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Title of menu item: "Evil Prince of the Realm"
Menu Description: "For especially brave cowboys and dragon slayers."
Appearance of meal: Unassuming Thai dish
Taste of Meal: "Hey, this is pretty good. I wonder wh-- whater ahh! AHH! Arrrgurglegurglewhoosh"
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Keys in front left pocket.
Wallet in back right.

I'm going for a walk.
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I have to talk about my dream. However, this is not going to become a "dream journal," because published dream journals are lame. This is for posterity and future interpretation.

I am a slave driver. My slaves are all these women that go to Tulane. The holding camp is in the backyard of the house where I grew up. The other slave drivers are all these other guys that I know in real life that I think are jerks. They think I am their buddy or something, but I am highly sympathetic to the slave women and their plight. [Alot happens in this span, but it doesn't make much sense] Therefore, I help the plan a revolt with the leader of the slaves. All goes well and we retreat to a bathroom in some subway station. Not a typical subway bathroom: It is triangular in shape with lush decoration and green marble everywhere. The (now free) women sit me in front of a mirror and tell me I have to shave my beard. I don't understand because I don't have a beard. I look closely and see only a few stray whiskers that I must have missed. I shrug and begin to lather up my face. They say "No!" and make me do it with water only. I pull out my trusty Mach3 and start, but quickly grimace in pain because each stroke of the apparently dull razor cuts my face horribly. My entire face is bloody, but cannot seem to shave a single whisker. I continue, only to find that a new face is revealing itself underneath the old.

I wake before I recognize him.
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So I am leaving this town.

New Orleans has been my home for 20+ years and I am leaving it to find my passion, find my fortune, find myself. Admittedly, the experience is not quite as "realistic" as it could be, but realistic enough for me. This summer in San Francisco is going to be my real "college years." Not that I have been deprived, but not leaving your home town for college is a half-assed approach. I had entertained the idea of going to Columbia University in New York ("entertained" because they didn't give me any financial aid). How different would I be had I made that trip? I would be totally urban...

Anyway, here's my shot. I have three months to complete several goals. If I come back and I have not nailed at least half of these, please smack me around.
1) Make enough money so that I can afford Tulane next semester. (If I don't do this I will smack myself repeatedly to spare you the trouble).
2) Learn how to cook well. I am expanding my repertoire past grilling, spaghetti, and pancakes.
3) Make a good portfolio. Flush out my portfolio.
4) Instead of working on portfolio all the time, get out and enjoy living in California.
5) Immerse self in music. I have already begun to plan my nights out there. There are far too many bands that I have to see live. Not to mention the record stores...
6) Get hired at a dot-com. Get fired from a dot-com when the company goes under. Try to find new job in two months. Oh, wait. That already happened...
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Well, I wasn't able to finish my new design for the big Reboot. Oh well. It is coming along very well, but I haven't had a second to work on anything, since I have my hardest final tomorrow. My goal was to be rid of table-based layout forever; the page is dynamically created with PHP, Javascript, CSS, and DHTML. It was inspired by a new album, and the look is tasty, but worthless. Beautiful, timeless, and decomposed. You'll love/hate it.
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