Sisyphean hotdogs.
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I set out to copy the Latin from a flagpole across the park. "I heard it was faster this way." So I walked the wrong way. The road less traveled indeed. Other than garnering odd looks from the usual fast walkers and fitness freaks, the journey was peaceful. It was just hot enough; I was able to roll up the sleeves of my T-shirt to show off my new tattoos. "All on one arm," I had said, "I want a skull & crossbones, a thundercloud (with lightning), and the Virgin Mary." More odd looks.

Black Francis made the journey alot easier. I heard the entirety of Bossanova twice...once there, once back. My favorite song began just as I caught sight of the huge base. I circled once to read the whole message:


All this "love of our fathers" and all they get is a lousy flagpole? I don't even read the names carved in the iron. Dead men. All I care about is the Latin. The Dead Language. I fumbled with my shoulder bag, headphones still in place, as a gay couple on a nearby park bench stared at me. More odd looks. Message copied, mission complete. I started walking back the same way, this time in the right direction. I passed a squirrel, trying to get a nut, to move your butt to the dance floor. It sat up on its hind and cocked its head to the side as I passed.

"WHAT THE FUCK? I'M WALKING THE RIGHT WAY!" Then I realized it was looking at my tattoos...
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Women with glasses are double trouble for me. It seems I am not the only one.
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The Organization Kid is a pansy. I see more and more kids growing up that are unwilling to question anything. There is nothing wrong with wanting to succeed in your endeavors, but you must constantly question yourself and everyone around you who is affecting your sphere. The article may be attempting to laud these kids for their staunch morality and principles, but it comes out making them sound like a flock of confused sheep. The revolutionary might not always win his fight, but he believes his stance. The complaisant among us cannot always claim their devotion is genuine.
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Oh please. You didn't think I'd pout more than a day did you?
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Think of the Onion, in a J. Screw format, but more fucked up. Behold: Unnovations! My favorite.
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I have updated some of the shows on the music page. I am especially excited about the Melvins tomorrow and Radiohead in June.
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I have accepted the fact that the Tulane club soccer team does not like me. Perhaps they don't like pedestrians in general, but it has not gone unnoticed that EVERY TIME I walk behind one of the nets during their afternoon practices I am used for target practice. Sure, it seems innocent enough that a missplaced kick could unintentionally go over the rather large net. I have come to expect these missiles and have observed less agile walkers get nailed in the head on a couple occasions. It is no secret that soccer players are pricks. However, a few minutes ago, I was passing behind the field and I noticed the team taking shots. Predictably, just as I walked close by, a ball went over the net and was heading right for my groin. I could have easily sidestepped the danger, allowing the ball to bounce harmlessly into the bushes, but I was feeling frisky. I quickened my step a tad and kicked my leg back in a hacky sack manuever, sending the ball back onto the field without missing a beat. I RULE!

I am still kind of recovering from a little spring sickness. I treated myself to some new clothes. Feeling better.
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Today I realized, with a little assistance from Abby, one of my lifelong dreams. Smashing a computer monitor and dropping it off of my dorm balcony. You really must try it.

New story from Sonia soon. This one is actually readable. Hehe.
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How much money do you need to live comfortably? Do you currently make more than that amount of money? If so, what percentage of the excess do you donate to charity? Knowing that there are people who will die because of a lack of funds for food and medicine, how can you morally justify not donating 100% of that excess? Story via Kuro5hin.
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Joey Ramone dead. Punk is dead. Gabba gabba dead.
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We're heading out to Lafayette tonight to catch the Toadies. I won some free tickets online; I just love internet contests. They are just so easy for me to win. Snicker, snicker. I've got space for one more if you want to go...
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I have always entertained the notion of going out in a blaze of glory. Who wants to fade away, lost in the oblivion?

I read a bunch of other online journals that interest me in different ways. I draw inspiration from them all; obviously I wouldn't read them if they had no redeeming characteristics. Some for their introspective essays, others for their entertaining links and comments, and still others for no discernable reason. I usually don't know the people connected with the words, and it is better that way. They are personal diaries, just as this page is.

Well, one of these diaries that I read has stopped indefinitely. Shut down, locked up, key gone. The writing is incredibly personal, and I understand the reasons for deleting everything. I won't link to the site because that would be the antithesis of his wishes. His actions made me think about my site, and why it exists. I want to keep doing this journal as long as possible because it affords me such a luxury of catharsis. However, I don't know how much longer it will be a public journal. One point in his final post that I related to especially had to do with the way that people read into things. People assume so much from a sentence, a joke, a sarcastic remark, making this a dangerous medium. My old design made people think I was suicidal. I don't need that, especially since this site is going to share the same name as my web design company. I only have plans to remove the blog; it is no longer going to be the main page, effective as soon as my new design goes up.

I am selling out. My balls have been sucked out by the man. This is my avenue of self expression and I am going to hide it so my professional career cannot be effected by it. That is as blunt as I can put it. If you want to know where my new journal is going to be, ask me.
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Sometimes the students in a class connect; sometimes they go every day and don't interact at all. I'm sure a variety of factors contribute to this phenomenon, including the girl/boy ratio, the subject matter, the time of the class, and the adherance of the classroom to the tenets of Feng Shui. One of my classes has been silent for most of the semester, but today we walked into the room and there was a pile of poo in the middle of the floor. Not a huge pile, mind you, but large enough to be noticed. It seemed a cat or dog must have meandered into the building. This little deposit sparked a great deal of conversation from the class, and since the teacher was pretty late, everyone got to talk. Not just about the crap in the room, but regular, hanging-out, shooting-the-shit talk.

After class, the significance of the event hit me. Now maybe I am taking this metaphor (or whatever) too far, but shit brings people together. The common meaning for shit in that quip is "hardships" or "rough times." In this case, it was quite literal. Now, whenever I see a girl from that class around campus and I don't know what to say, I can always pull a quick save with, " about that poo?"
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Another interpretation of Tulane's "Big Brother" program...
During my morning commute today (5 minute walk), I noticed several campus tour groups meandering about in that way that only small groups of parents and teenagers that don't know each other can meander. The path defined for the tour groups is specific; stops are made at all the picturesque views around campus. Tulane has no trouble selling the campus itself (quite enough is spent on beautification), but this morning I couldn't help but wonder if there was more to it...

While crossing a quad, I noticed a group of ostentatiously happy people converging on my path. I don't care how beautiful the day is, or how great your weekend was, no regular college students are this exuberant on Monday morning at 10am. They were high-fiving, hugging, and talking loudly to themselves. Another cult member, I mean, student ran up to them all the way from the other side of the lawn. It was just too wierd. Maybe I am just a grumpy old man, but it was making me a little paranoid. I glanced back at the tour groups. One group stopped at the exact time that the happy people had started across the quad. Right now they were looking across the grass towards the stately Newcomb Hall, directly at the happies (who were quite ethnically and culturally diverse, I might add).

There is no doubt in my mind that those "students" were paid off by Scott "Call Me Scotty" Cowen.
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All my towels are dirty. I really need a shower. I am going to finish my shower and run around my dorm one (1) time to dry myself off. Sans clothes or covering. Yes, its a dare.

If you are in New Orleans, I know you, and you want to go sailing today, call me before 2pm or fill out this thing I whipped together.

Blow was not what I expected at all. Primarily, I expected it to be bad, and it wasn't. If you would like to discuss this further (I would), drop me a line with your opinions. I eagerly await them. Unless your favorite movie is Pulp Fiction, and your favorite actress used to be Juliette Lewis, and you lost a dollar to Susan last night. In that case, direct your comments to
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Seems like most people around here have suddenly become extremely concerned with their tans. I, on the other hand, revel in my pasty complexion. Actually, its not that bad, but I do need to stop working on this website for a while and get out.

I am leaving for California on May 16th. I will be back here in "The City That Care Forgot" exactly three months later. Don't you love the nicknames that people give cities? What I like to do is act like a fool, lumping them all together in conversation so people look at me funny.

"Oh, you're going to Chicago? Well have fun in the Big Windy Apple of Angels that Care Forgot!"
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I wonder if it would benefit my job search to put in my resume, "#1 search engine placement for competitive keywords such as "beastialities." I can't help it that thousands (well, tens) of perverts come to my site every day in search of something more "exotic." There has to be some way that this little traffic diversion can benefit me financially.
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Gay. Don't was just an exercise to see if I could work with pastels in designing web pages. The style sheets ain't done, so thats why the text looks ugly.
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Listen to the sound of my stress level drop, like a belly flop into the jello reservoir. Discrete Math? Pwhoosh. Digital Logic? Splorp. Job in San Francisco? Naw, not yet. I did just finish a website, though. Mail me if you want to check it out. There is another one to finish before Easter.

Speaking of Easter and springtime and such, I have whipped together a variation on the design theme right now. Its a little effeminate for me right now (flowers, pastels, embroidery, gingham, etc), so I have a little work to do. What I want to do is let you readers choose the look and content that you like and store this on your machine so that it is personalized for you when you return. This is practice for the Tulane portal thing that I am working on...
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Whenever I think of my suitemate, Abe, I always think of him wiping something on someone. Anything. Use your imagination.

Oh, crap. I hoped these pictures would never leak to the internet. They're all over the place now...
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I forgot to can now reach me at Send me somthing now! My Inbox is lonely...
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There is this dude who is always at the Shim Sham who everyone calls "The Sugar Daddy." I don't think that he actually is a wealthy guy that buys drinks for all the girls; I just think he earned the name from always being there in a suit. He never actually talks to anyone for a long period of time, and I have attributed this to the fact that he dances like Pee Wee Herman. He struts up to one of the pedestals like he owns the place and proceeds to mimic the "Tequila" dance from Pee Wee's Great Adventure. You know...two fingers pointing at your posterior, reverse to front and point at groin. Then he goes on a heart-warming journey around the country to retrieve the custom-made bike that the rich and spoiled Francis stole in a fit of jealousy. Of course, I am assuming that last part...
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