Ok...well I wanted to switch to the new design as soon as possible because I am on the prowl for summer employment. I wouldn't want people coming to the site and thinking that I am the guy that was in the corner right? Strangely, I have not changed the template on my resume page. Soon. I will miss that design, but too many people got the wrong idea and were calling me saying, "Trey, would you like to talk about anything? Are you OK? You sure?" So it is nice to know that you would support me in my times of need, but it is just a web page. Thanks.

Anyway, I was having some major problems with money in the last few days (regarding tuition), but all of that is cleared up now. I think. I'm still nervous. So the new look is pretty...pretty awesome! Well I like it. There is more to come. I have decided that the time is come for a little Flash integration...
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I am about to start working again for a company that I have very mixed feelings about. I've known since October that I would need to start working part-time again (having a girlfriend puts a big drain on the bank, you know), but minus that expense, I can't just sit around on my proverbial ass all the time. I'm not lazy by any stretch of the imagination, but I am living the life of a rich Tulane kid. Right now, I go to class, eat on meal plan, and go to the gym three times a week. This time last year, I was working two part-time jobs while in school. Not that I mind being unemployed, but I just drained my checking account to pay an exorbitant amount of money to attend this school and I like to have a little cash for going out and such. At night I crank out websites....for myself. It's just really frustrating because I see substandard work get plenty of gigs for good rates.

So I'm giving Tipitina's an overhaul. If you peek at the front page, you will see what I mean. Wish me luck. You can also peek at my new design. Rest assured it is not finished.
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There is this ancient woman that is constantly on Tulane's campus, going to classes, wandering, talking to herself, and looking at things with a pair of old opera glasses. She wears these huge snow boots no matter what the weather and carries around her stuff in a postal bag. She comes into my architechture class and drinks (soup?) from a thermos while reading the board with her opera glasses. Since that class is less than riveting, I just end up ruminating and spilling my mind onto my notebook. If anyone ever really wants to get to know me, don't read this bullshit (because no matter how objective I try to be here, this is just a filtered spin of my real thoughts), read my school notebooks. I take notes in pen, so anything I write, including the emotional state I am in, is captured permanently on the page. When I am sad or hurt, I get a weight in my gut that makes my entire body shake. Not out of weakness, mind you, because it is the most difficult physical state I have ever tried to control. Pent-up energy shoots through my mind and limbs. This makes my writing very violent and haphazard, and I can fill an entire page in a minute because it is like pulling the stop on a damn. Anyway, I digress.

I wrote something about the elderly. I have decided that I am not going to change it at all here. Editing is the chains that hold me back. I always feel like I have to edit my thoughts or emotions or experiences or writing for other people to make them more accessible or interesting. Well that is just tedious and it is phony. So there...and here. It may not make sense because it is unaltered mind diarrhea, but enjoy.

When I see an elderly person, I see two things. First I see a disentegrating machine, subject to my disgust, tolerated by society, and physically pitiful.
Next, I imagine the person in the height of their youth. If a man, I see a strong arms and back, a proud posture, and stalwart, aquiline face. If a woman, I imagine a sleek figure, full breasts, and a delicate face with dark, flowing, curly hair.

I then imagine the helplessness of watching one's mundane existence begin to fail. The pitiful way that the old proceed to their graves. But then the sharpness of mind, the experiences had, the lovers held, and the wars fought.

I see myself now, in the height of my youth. I see myself when I am old. I can't help but laugh. And smile.

I nice steamy Sonia Latté will be served up today. You can expect a poem and a short story. The poem is static, but the short story has a unique nature that causes itself to be rewritten every day. I think it will be a choose-your-own-adventure type thang.
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Happy birthday Sonia, and a late happy birthday Missy! The tool I use to make the updates to the site has been down for most of the week so I have some stuff that I need to put up, and that will happen later today. Right now, I am going to swell myself at the prestigious Reily Center. I learned how to play Led Zeppelin's "No Quarter" today.
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Charity is not a virtue. Being content with what you have is the real gift, charity comes from this.
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It appears that my appetite for "the green fairy" is a shared one. Apparently you can order the "the french booger" online. We're thinkin' the collector's bottle of Sebor. I am speaking of absinthe for all of you little children out there. Perhaps it is the allure of a romantic drug, detached from the modern glamour of all the recreational drugs of today. In case any future employers are reading this...I'm just quoting some bum I heard mumbling on the street. What a wanker!
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How's this for new, huh? In your face, Missy!
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Friday, January 19 @ Dixie Tavern at 9 PM for 5 bucks:
*Sputnik - MD space rock.
*Treatus - Girl pop rock.
*Out of My League - Weezer rock.
From One Eye Productions
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Having reached that pitiful landmark, the drunk journal entry, I can only go up from here. I was a bit "off my nut" last night as the British say. Maybe it was the fact that all of the liquids that I interred last night are supposedly herbal, but I went to sleep at 5am expecting a hangover and a wasted holiday. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to wake up fully refeshed and energetic at 9:30am. I deserved a hangover...

There are alot of forces pulling right now in very different directions. I don't want to list them and I am not going to analyze it. I am going through a "thing" right now. Things I am thinking:

1) I have problems with autonomous authority (but not by principle). If something is happening that I don't think should, I do what I can and sometimes more.
2) I put too much commitment on my plate. That is working well for me.
3) I really think that the way this website looks plays a part in my own happiness. I don't think that the man up there pulls the trigger. I used to think that he did.
4) I'm going to buy a guitar this week. Electric. And change that fucking picture.
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I am awash in a sea of herbal green ecstasy. Fast and hard, wouldn't have it any other way right now.

If self control is a virtue, I want to be reckless. Don't give me rules or explanations, give me a lap dance and a free drink. I want a waistcoat of silk, lined with ermine, on my woman. I want a group of bachelorettes pleading, "Whoo!" after every shot of Chartruese...forever.

Push me somewhere I don't want to be? Seeing some things I don't want to see. Never want to see this place again. I'm gonna love when they bring me down. And when I see that I might be like a sigh if I stay...I must persuade you another way. There is no love in vain.

I opened my eyes, and there we were
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They can have my machete when they pry it out of my cold, dead hands!
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Top five social "institutions" commonly witnessed on college campuses to be obliterated with when I am world dictator:

5. Cultish band followings - You know the type. Phish, Widespread Panic, Dave Matthews Band. They all must be slaughtered. Especially Paul Simon :)

4. Alcohol or drugs as a necessary element to a night out.

3. Conspicious public cellular phone usage - I know this isn't a problem at uni only. But answering your phone during a class? That is twice as bad as a movie theater because it could directly affect people's academic performance. At least leave the fucking room!

2. Fashion trends that are based on any particular name-brand of clothing - This one is tough to target because fashion trends are amorphous and you can only fire bomb one clothing factory at a time before another one pops up from the ashes. The only respectable one out of these trends is the movement towards thrift store shopping. It doesn't require lots of money, it requires a little bit creativity, and promotes individualism (which is always lacking on campuses).

1. The fucking Greek "system" - I was greeted with a wall of azure blue as I walked into the cafeteria this morning. I thought, "Is this some visiting relgious group that all wear the same clothes to keep tabs on each other?" No, just about every girl in the place was wearing a "rush shirt," to pledge their allegiance to monotonism, binge drinking, anti-individualism, pay-by-semester friends, and the lack of self-worth and respect that sororities encourage. I really don't have a conspiracy theory about this (or anything for that matter), but why is it called a "system?" That creeps me out. I apologize to all of my friends that are invloved with this for your own reasons. However, I think as a group sucks.

Of course, there are also larger problems, but these are some that I can do my part in driving into the ground!
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Lordy Lordy, look who's fourty! Happy Birthday to Black Scottie, who happens to live in my room. For those of you who have, Black Scottie is not of the African American race, he is just very...dark in a misanthropic (yet hilarious) way. Think Edward Gorey, and the like.

If you ever happen to take a fancy to the British electronica unit Autechre (or for that matter, any electronica group), avoid saying the name of the group or the track names from the albums out loud. While you probably deserve some amount of praise for actually knowing the proper title and making an attempt at pronunciation, you will ultimately end up sounding like you are mid-seizure.

"Rpeg. ccec. squeller. left blank. outpt. dropp. liccflii. maphive 6.1. zeiss contarex. netlon sentinel. pir." -You
"Bite on this bit of leather! Someone call the paramedics!" -Innocent (and resourceful) bystander
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I am actively participating in my first meme. I have seen others come and go without batting an eye. But this one is just cool. (Hint: you can build a mini-graphic of yourself online!)

Build your own and send it to me...
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If you are looking at the new look for the first time or the nth time since it went up today, please send me some e-mail. I want to know if anyone has problems seeing the site or they like/dislike the design. This is the only reason I do this, for your goddamned approval! And I am lonely tonite...

I am now taking a Latin class (MWF 10-11) for this semester. Good to be back in the ole dead language trousers. Gosh, I don't feel like writing shit right now. I'm going to eat...
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Good things coming very soon...
Think pyramids and Camel packs.
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Update on the class schedule: I registered for all the classes I wanted to take at the times I wanted to take them. My department head was extremely helpful in helping me with the juxtapositions. I will probably despise Discrete Math (misspelled it yesterday), but it is the one of the remaining mathematics courses I have remaining in my requirements. I've got Intro to Architechture right now, and suggestions for additional electives? Something fun...

I said "Kiss me, you're beatiful. These are truly the last days." You grabbed my hand, and we fell into it, like a daydream or a fever.
I had a dream last night, the first lucid dream I have had in ages and I woke up fully rested half an hour before my alarm set to bleepin. The sentence above is what was on my tounge and mind. I wrote it down on a scrap.

New backgrounds soon, and a surprise...
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It tends to be bedtime when I start to think of her again. During waking hours I can distract myself completely, with friends, with work, with nonsense. As soon as I slip under my cold sheets there is an empty space where I have come to expect her warm body, devoid of spooning. Times like these I am almost alone; my only bitter company is sweet memories, wracking insomnia, and pendulant regret. Peaceful sleep is the price I have paid.
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Ok folks, I am fucking with the template for the site, so bear with me for a few hours/days/however long it takes. I think I am going to start leaving old templates in place so that parts of the site that I created in a certain state are reflected by the design and graphics I made in the same period. This is my site and I do what I wanna...

As far as psychologically, I am doing pretty well. As well as can be expected. I have formulated a special blend of depression, work, and recreation that allows me to stay sane and creative! People look and talk to me like a relative just died (and in a sense, one has) or I have contracted a terminal disease.

I am having a few problems filling up my class schedule because all the CompSci classes I need from now on require Discreet Math (which I am taking this semester). So I guess in addition to that and Digital Logic I am free to pick electives out of a hat. I will post my full schedule online when it is finished for my convenience and the convenience of all the hax0rs in my building (such as Ryan is your little project going?). Feel free to stalk me at your leisure...
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I have made a few self-advertising backgrounds that you can download if you like. From now on, you can find new ones in this new page on the site. The first one is pretty basic, but I dig it because it uses the new logo that I plan to use for my cards.

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Love ridden I've looked at you
With the focus I gave to my birthday candles
I've wished on the lidded blue flames
Under your brow
And baby I wished for you

Nobody sees when you are lying in your bed
And I wanna crawl in with you
But I cry instead
I want your warm
But it will only make me colder when it's over
So I can't tonight, baby

My hand won't hold you down no more
The path is clear to follow through
I stood too long in the way of the door
And now I'm giving up on you

No, not "baby" anymore, if I need you
I'll just use your simple name
Only kisses on the cheek from now on
And in a little while, we'll only have to wave...

Love Ridden ~ Fiona Apple
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What a night! She is home, but she is gone. Thus ends another chapter of my life. The loss of love has run through me like a cold front. Congrats Kaytie Pickett, You have made my top five! Of course, you are the only...

I sit here shivering much like the time when this all began. Perhaps it is because I am mostly naked and there is no heat. Perhaps it is due to a mild spell of depression that may or may not set on me in the near future. I feel alone, but not in a particularly good or bad way. Just neutral, or defeated. Good because someone I care about has progressed; she is happier now and yay for her. Bad because I wonder if I ever made her happy, and I will never want to lay eyes on, much less speak to her.

I suppose we are very different people, and that fact even meant different things to us. I thought our differences complemented, but she found them abrasive. Some people need to be with someone that is exactly like them. Truth be told, I often fantasized about canning her, but I didn't think that tonight's conversation would lead where it did. Who the fuck knows who the right girl for me is? Prof. Pearce, I have adored this quote ever since you drove it into my noggin: "Et gustibus, et coloribus, et mulieribus, non disputanda est."

What do I want in a relationship anyway? Sense of humor must be alive (or at least be in a coma-like state, waiting to be revived)! Personal attraction is an assumed factor. Also, next time let's look for someone who is less enraptured with themselves. A healthy physical relationship would be nice. Last, but not least, she must enjoy music.

But let us remember the good times. Hmm...Trey's balls...Debbie Gibson...drunken nights at the Carousel Bar and Pirate's Alley...poking your head in the door and saying "Hey!"...Sammy Circus...shaking like a leaf under pink Christmas lights...hours listening to you talk about all these people I would never meet, but that being okay because I got to hear your voice and look at your face...State Fair...glam nights...Maple Street, all of nights...Rotel...sorority counseling...hugs (oh, I will miss the hugs, but they haven't been offered lately anyway now that I think of it)...the nights in Butler...New Year's Eve...laying on the grass on UC Quad with your face framed by the clouds...your smile, whenever it came...I don't want to go on.

Stay hardcore, you bad-ass motherfucker. Goodbye. You are probably checking the grammar if you are reading this.
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Kaytie is home! We love you Kaytie!
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Whoo! The site will never go down again because I have gotten free hosting. No more dorm room Server/Workstation combinations for me.
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