If you are interested: my 2 columns of fame in the paper this morning. I can't wait for the free stuff to some rolling in! After all, that is the real reason that I make this page...
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All-nighter last night. "Coughing up blood, I think I've had enough."

Whoo! I am on the front page of the newspaper today! Well, the front page of the Living Section. Okay, so I'm not on the front page either, but I'm in there somewhere. It is an article on, you guessed it, the blogging "phenomenon." I will try to find a link to the article for all my loyal readers who are not in the New Orleans area. I am portrayed as a vigilante blogger who fights the good fight towards standardizing good content on the web.

In other news, the lovely and talented Caroline is in town until Saturday night. Oops, I mean "Fille." It was so good to just sit around and talk to everyone last night. Sure I was supposed to be studying for a Calculus III test, but I didn't care. I need to spend more time wasting time and just hanging out with my suitemates and friends and less time worrying about school and work. I think I would be a happier person in general. The people in my suite are really amicable (except Scott) and it is a crime against my life in general to not enjoy their company while I have it.

I have been thinking about the reasons I make this site. They are all selfish, in a Ayn Rand sort of way. I don't expect to get anything in return except for a comment in passing (but employment would be nice too); I create for others so they can make me feel good. True, it is a catharsis or whatever, but...hell yeah, free pizza in the 2nd floor lounge! LATER!
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Caroline is here!

Guys, I'm leavin'
I don't know, I don't know, I really don't know.
Shit man shit!
I'm busy bitin'
across the street.
"Fillet" in the house!
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Black Scottie is back!
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"Well I've got a new friend. His name is Sobriety." -guy in a bar
"Yeah, well Sobriety's boring as fuck." -me
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Hmm...I just realized that the first letters of each paragraph of Fille's poem spell out ASS NITTS. I wonder what she is trying to say?
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Interesting post from Lance on my birthday. I had a similiar experience once but it was a crusty old man that called me "Lanky Slim." Hmmm...
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Tim drives an Aries (Quicktime required). Much funnier than the spoofs of the "wazzup" commercials. Who sent me this link?
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I'm thinking
...that Black Scottie has to write some more godman poetry..:
...that Melissa has written some more godman poetry for my birthday.
...that Chris has a phat (example of implementing "urban" language into 'blog) new picture in his section
...that Caroline is coming back to New Orleans tomorrow.
...I really want Kaytie to get to go to Scotland, but I really don't at the same time.
...that I can slack off all I want. It really doesn't matter.
...I had a pretty standard birthday; mildly depressing.
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yeah, i get it...
thanks for fille for the entry below.
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a little girl with curly brown hair which she always tries to straighten. but she can never quite get it straight, and of course rain makes it the worst. hmm..."makes it the worst." although the rain serves to make it the worst it is in actuality the most beautiful entity. therein lies the gentle paradox which is the soul of this work. this little girl has come to find what makes things the worst and why this is good. that is the story.

so what is bad can always be good, and the best things are derived from the worst. so no matter who you twist and jumble, all that remains is positive. (that phrase was simply a circular flow as complicated yet meaningless as "a=9.314+b and thus we made conclude that we are alive based upon a priori experience.) bear with me.

so this average girl has felt the red and orange to the purple and violet of the emotional palate (she sees that she is exactly her mother in her handwriting. but this is good because she lovers--i mean loves--her friends and family so deeply. that slip was not a freudian mistake but an example of language assimilation learned in Anthro 240.

now back to the story. the girl, whose name must not be revealed so we will call her "fille" to preserve her anonymity while removing that disgusting mark of the generic, has come to the conclusion that the worst can be twisted to create the best after living a life cherished by others in suburban un-perfection. so how then has she felt the emotional spectrum discussed above?

it is because her place is to watch and observe, she will fit in and appear as if naturally belonging. but this is merely so that she may carry out the task. she is most simply different. not special, not beautiful--but a feeling. she is a feeling of completeness because intense perseption creates unity. but she just isnt special or commendable, only okay, only there. but in a good way. really.

thus we must recount or recall (i do not know which re-prefixed word is more appropriate) a scene from tonight. to our little (petite) fille was performed a beautiful little scene, but in a lonley scene there are of course no faces. so by the transitive property of a=b, b=c. so a=c there were of course no faces in our petite scene. of course--il n'y a pas les visages. but the people in this movie were tall and they were sweet. not much to say but wholy good.

they shouted and pointed at the boys running in the street. and they laughed and drank beer in their cute little "i have class at 10 am" way that grown up kids do. but there was miss petite fille sitting under a protective shadow watching and smiling. because she knows that she does not belong. and while she does not belong they hand her so much. and she will one day find her place just as the grown up kids find theirs. its just that she is lucky to see it all on the way.

so this is the story of the bad and good. because that girl hurts and feels that haunting chill. that chill of desiring a life not her own. yet she has passion and the vivid and the intensely "different" as she views the scenes as the ghost in the room/
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Cat poop causes schizophrenia! For Kaytie...
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Happy Birthday to me...
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Welcome beastiality fans! It appears that the search engines have interpreted Molissa's Fierce Beastialities to be something other than a place for her to showcase her jilted poetry. I don't care, I like the traffic...
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They don't know it yet, but I am upgrading my parent's/sister's computer to Linux Mandrake. Why you ask? Because it is a 4 year old computer (P200, 64Mb RAM, 3 Gb HD, 8x CD-ROM, cable modem) that is languishing in the bowels of Windows 98 sluggishness. It takes about 1 minute for a browser window to open, and the apps are inexcusably slow. I considered just re-installing Windows, but I think Mandrake would be perfect. It comes loaded with apps and the interface it somewhat familiar to users of Windows.
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Kaytie and I just had a nice little nap with my kittie, Minousophat. Here is a Melvins page I found.
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Gobble gobble. Kaytie and I are going to Thanksgiving dinner at my parent's house in a few hours. Looks like we don't have any relatives from out of town coming in this time around, so I guess it is going to be fairly boring. On the upside, Scott and the rest of my suitemates are out of town for the holiday and I am just having a blast. I can walk around completely naked and they left all their rooms unlocked, so I can mess with their stuff as much as I want.

I've never seen this before. I checked the domain registry on the site and it looks like our friend at the cafe is putting something together.

Hot damn! Looks like Blogger is kicking ass once again.
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Happy Thanksgiving!
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I guess I had better start looking for some digs in California if I am going to live there this summer. A while back I "shot off" an e-mail to the illustrious Meg at Pyra. It seems like they are down for maybe doing some kind of an internship. That would rock so hard, because those people totally made me want to start writing stuff online. Otherwise, I have talked to a few other companies and I am sure I could get a job at one of them. This is the Pyra mail:

Thanks for the inquiry, when you get out here next summer (or closer to), feel free to shoot us another email regarding internship possibilities. Though we haven't offered internships in the past, it is certainly something we'd be willing to consider for the right person.

Thanks for you interest!


> Hey pyra,
> Maybe this is a little early to ask, but I am curious.
> Background: I make web pages and graphics for personal
> gratification (and less importantly, money); I have been blogging
> for a while. Big surprise.
> I plan on moving to SF next summer for a job/internship in the
> web or graphic design fields. If you plan to offer anything like
> that in the future, please fill me in.
> thanks,
> trey
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Le Shock didn't show up for the show last night. Hatchback rocked the basement. I brought the lovely Kaytie and the dorky Abe. It was fun and wet and cold.

I am totally unmotivated to do anything productive other than work on web stuff. I need this vacation so badly. To get away from (not-doing) schoolwork tonight I took a trip to Camelia Grill, where the waiter named "Sleepy" egged me on into singing along to "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It." He kept calling me "Melvin" because I was wearing my Melvins hardcore sweatshirt. At one point, all the waiters went into a freestyle about anything that they laid their eyes on. I got a few mentions as "lanky slim" or "dis tall motherfuh heya." I guess it was pretty fun/interesting thing to do on a sleepy Sunday night.
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One last thing before I go. I've stepped over everyone I know. AND I am almost done with my Eye Project. Check out the work in progress and see what you think. I added a new menu item for my web projects. Blogger is acting funny!
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We have a slew of shows to choose from tonight. I will list them ALL because I can. An impressive choice for the New Orleans scene...

Le Shock & Hatchback
7800 St. Charles Ave, Apt D. 6 PM.
Le Shock has members of the Locust and are electric emo punk. HB are electric emu punk.

Head Pro & Men in Black
Casey's. Price/Time?
The final in a trilogy of Fat City bar shows. It's all over from here.

Weedeater & Sour Vein
Dixie Tavern. 10 PM. $5. Gun In Mouth.
Hardcore. Sour Vein opened for Altamont / Acid King a few years ago, so that makes them pretty cool in my eyes.

I wish that I could say that I bought a bunch of indie CDs this week and went to a bunch of cool shows. I didn't. I bought one CD. It was Marilyn Manson. It probably cost me more than a week's worth of jack's aquisitions at that Amoeba store. He probably ran into Mike Patton again for all I know.

My sister wrote her senior speech and delivered it Friday morning at 8:00 AM. That is almost an excuse for me not to go, but I'm afraid I let her down by not showing up. Supposedly it was about the relationship my three sisters and I had growing up. I will wax ecstatic on that subject later...after I go eat my warm cinnamon raisin bagel with lots of cream cheese and honey. Mmmmm...
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In a meeting with David Cole of right now. Might take on a few small jobs for these folks.
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At the Drive In has a live webcast in a half hour. Check it out. You need RealPlayer (blech).

I met this guy they call Real Player yesterday. He is a computer nerd and a wannabe G at the same time.
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A new issue of Chris' Sandbox, shit hot off the press!
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One of the ballot designs originally considered for the Palm Beach County Elections was the experimental Hand Pinball Ballot.

This ballot is in the form of a cheap plastic toy which depicts the faces of all the candidates on a colorful board under a shallow, transparent plastic dome. Holding the ballot in one hand, the voter must carefully manipulate it so that a small ball bearing falls into the hole in the board corresponding to the desired candidate. Whichever hole the ball bearing falls into is binding. [suck]
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The last few days has been spent looking for some hosting options for this site. The problem is that I have to take this computer (which is acting as a server right now) out of the dorm for Christmas. Not only will I need it for work over the holidays, but if I get caught on-campus during the break I will be escorted forcefully off the campus for trespassing. Nice. One option I am considering is to set up a _cheap_ Linux file server that can stay in my room. I'm looking for a Pentium-class (166-200 Mhz) machine with 32-64 Mb RAM, 2-4 Gb HD, a CD-ROM, and a monitor included. I want to spend about $250. Otherwise I will have to start considering monthly hosting. That might be problematic because of the experimental nature of the site I have stuff that might not run on your average hosting package. I'd prefer to go with the server so I could learn about Linux and Apache.

Happy belated birthday to my father. The Sailing King of Lake Ponchartrain.
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Has anyone seen this crazy dancing baby? Pretty wild, eh? (from Metafilter, from Kottke).
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As always, I thoroughly enjoyed jack's Mike Patton story of the week.

By the way, the $4000 worth of flat-screen monitors for $1.50 + shipping didn't pan out.

"I regret to inform you that we cannot place your order number 7654433. Upon ordering your items we realized that our computer sytem made an error in pricing the component. We have corrected this error and hope that we can earn your business in the near future."

Yeah, right! Like I'm going to buy something after that diss.
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For all of you who have ever had to drive a crappy car, I present the 10 Worst Cars of the Millenium. I drove a Ford Aerostar minivan for several years. The sad part is that I kind of miss it. True, it almost killed me several times. The brakes would go out as I was approaching busy intersections. I'll never forget that time that I hit a cop car in it. I was so proud! You just get attached sometimes...sniffle.
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I found this website that was selling 15" LCD Monitors for $0.75. I bought two. If they actually come in for that price, I will take my suite out to dinner.

It's been a while since I've seen such Delusions of Grandeur.
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Give me some love!
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Chris' Sandbox features a special two part issue this week. Stroll on over to the poetry section and have a look. Black Scottie is too busy being misanthropic to write any more poetry. His dad is the CEO for Shell Oil (like you are going to their web site) and today he kicked some Jewish guy and called him names. He is my roomate. I hope he doesn't read this.
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Ok people, here is your next assignment. As always, this website is completely based on other people's experience and talent to make up for my lack of. That sentence was vague, tautological, and grammatically incorrect. Send me your dreams. No, not what you want to be when you grow up or what car you want to drive. I'm talking REM sleep hallucinations. Subject matter is limitless. Be as vivid as possible without degenerating into pornography or perversion (this means no submissions from Luke). You can choose to remain anonymous if you wish (please specify if you want your name/e-mail left out).

When I get a sufficient number of entries, I will compile them into this nice, new design I have made and let everyone know about it. M'kay? Thank you.
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Let just say that I had a memorable experience at the Marilyn Manson concert on Friday. Rather than bore you with after-concert details, I will just talk about the show itself. I am now almost certain that I could get into any concert at the State Palace Theater free of charge. Although I only paid $15 to get into the venue, it was a bad seat, way up in the balcony. After scoping out the entrance to the main floor for about 30 seconds, I snuck past the security. The same trick worked to gain access to the "pit" later. I watched from the side of the theater for about half the show. Quite a rockstar, this Manson fellow. Every song brought new stage props and a new atmosphere. My personal favorite was during "Tourniquet": He went backstage for a moment and emerged in these huge stilts (with arm braces) and hobbled creepily around the stage for the entire song. The sound was very good, and so loud that you could feel the bass rattle your windpipe when you inhaled (loud). Anyway, this was a very well attended show (the crew from Nine Inch Nails was also in attendance as Marilyn pointed out before a song). I finally saw a backdoor to the front of the stage after a few songs and got right in the middle of the crowd. I was blown away with the spectacle and took the rest of the show as an opportunity to demonstrate to the tough-guy slam dancers a thing or two about hardcore dancing. They played a great mix of the last two albums and about a third of the concert was new songs. Personal Favorites: Irresponsible Hate Anthem, Death Song, Fight Song, The Reflecting God, 1996.
[Guns, God, and Government Tour] Highly recommended.
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Tip of a Lifetime: Never trust anyone. Everyone always lets you down.
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Honeysuckle Serontina. Apartment basement. The only light comes from a broken yellow ceramic lamp, hanging from a nail in a crossbeam. A plastic Hawaiian leia rests on the neck of the fixture. From the ceiling, air-conditioning ducts droop and intermingle with pipes and wires. It is hot as hell, and the band is far from home. In a club or bar, it would be us against them, trying to win each other over. The complete absence of a stage and any sort of production makes inhibition possible. The music starts and it is good. It doesn't have to be amazing. The band gives as much as they can to the crowd of 20 packed into a sweaty, dusty apartment basement. We fall back in love with the world. There is no false god here, no scene. We have no shame or regret. Pure and unadulturated. Music.
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Here's the deal. I don't strive to be outlandish, yet I despise mediocrity more than anyone I know. I don't do things to look good; I just want people to remember. I can handle authority. I cherish subtlety. You can get in my face, and I will shut you down with a word. I can shut you down with a glance. You will not compromise my integrity. No one ever will.

I might have to switch this server to Apache and ColdFusion due to the increase in traffic that I have had lately. I'll post any plans here before I shut her down. Also, if anyone has any hosting ideas, let me know. I need to get this site hosted off the Tulane network before I go home (to Metairie) for Christmas.
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I always wondered where money came from. As(s) we know, it doesn't grow on trees, but(t) sometimes you can find it elsewhere.

The hometown New Orleans boys Nine Inch Nails may not be known for user-friendly websites, but the preview page for their new EP, Things Falling Apart, sets a new standard of uselessness.

I know Trent Reznor's email address. Like you care. Like I care.
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It looks like I'm about to start out on my first real web programming job. From the ashes of "Aurora Innovations" comes a new company. Better, stronger, and more powerful. Ready for the cutthroat world of streamlining e-commerce interaction. Or something catchy like that.

Show tomorrow at Bryan's house, yo. E-mail me if you want to come.
Honeysuckle Serotina from Canada
Corporate Robin Hood (Hatchback side band)
Friday, November 3 - 6 PM
7800 St. Charles Ave. (Apt. D)
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Now I remember why I love the British so much. They are always spending their money wisely. Link via Jarrett.
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I have finally fixed the archive in a moment of ASP Programming genius. Feel free to link to posts from this blog's deep history dating back to the early weeks of September. I guess this means that I can stop worrying about the way it looks and be more concerned about content.

In very welcome and overdue news, the new Toadies album, Hell Below, Stars Above, finally has a release date of February 13th. This is going to be a fantastic new year for music.
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For those of you in the New Orleans area, "Play On!" will be showing in the Sacred Heart Assembly Room every night 'till Saturday @ 7 PM (and Sunday @ 3PM). My beautiful and talented sister, Meg, will be featured in this fine high school production.
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For the last half hour, my site was way over capacity. I tried increasing the number of users allowed to visit, but Windows 2000 Pro won't let it go over 40 or so. Maybe I need to look into hosting options...
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Halloween was spent at the late night, double feature picture show. That is, Rocky Horror (with Kaytie). I guess it was a landmark performance, since it is the last time that it will be shown at Movie Pitchers (since they are about to tear it down). I have seen the performance there since I was a freshman in high school.

Thanks to Jonathan Purvis for the image of Cedric (top left). He takes some fantastic live concert shots that you should look at on his website. The photographs of Scott Weiland of STP are amazing.

I'm going to be posting some more poetry and a new web project soon. I have school work that I have been procrastinating for a week that I need to finish up tonite. No exceptions.
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