My doctor told me if I don't become more flexible, I will die painfully and unable to touch my toes. So who wants to take a goddamn yoga class with me?

Our show (Mir aka Spacefriends) at the Mermaid Lounge on Saturday went pretty well. We played fix songs to a crowd of about 50 people. I didn't think about it then, but it is strange to think about the bands that I look up to that have played on that same stage. Crooked Fingers, the Faint, the Black Halos, Songs:Ohia, Verbena, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Les Savy Fav, AC/DC, the Ramones, Led Zeppelin...a long list. Playing there was very fulfilling for me, and the pressure that I felt before the show has turned into satisfaction...and a MASSIVELY INFLATED EGO! God, I am cool. Really really cool...

If you told me you would come to the show, and you didn't, you are dead to me. We are no longer friends.
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