Any good apartment leads? One or two bedrooms, nice/large, uptown/Garden District. I'm looking to sign a lease ASAP. Email me.

I was given a very beautiful painting by Sonia on Saturday night. I am so proud of it. Definately the best gift I've ever been given. I'm going to take some pictures of it tonight.

I'll be in Jackson, MS for most of next week. I just checked out what was going on in ole Jacktown, and it looks like American Analog Set and Questions in Dialect are playing the night I am getting there. That made my month right there. I was actually listening to American Analog Set as I discovered that. I saw Questions in Dialect open for Mexico 1910 about a month ago, and they were incredible. I am actually looking forward to my business trip now. I can already taste the huge steak that I am going to order from Shapley's Steak House. I can already feel the expanse of the king-size bed I will sleep in at the Homewood Suites. I can already smell the new car odor in the Cheverolet Classic that I will rent for the drive.

Yesterday I went to my aunt and uncle's house uptown for Easter brunch. I was pretty bored for the hours after the feast and was sitting on their couch, staring into space. My grandpa motioned towards the TV and commented on how good of a golf match was on at the time. I had been entertaining myself just minutes before by playing the handhelf golf game that came with my cell phone. It is pretty realistic game, using a full-color 3D display that is completly animated. I showed him the game, and demonstrated a few shots. He was pretty impressed and stammered something about how incredible technology was these days, and walked off, shaking his head. A while later, my father came up to me and asked me to show him the televison on my cell phone that I had shown my grandfather. I laughed and laughed.
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